1. A very simplistic advice. It may work for a few accounts but most users have created dozens, if not hundreds of accounts. There is a very good reason why zombie accounts exists – people quit using them and forget about them. Unless you have been diligently recording the site, userid and password for each account you create, there is no way of remembering all of them, or even a large portion of them. The only hope is if you use a password manager and have not been quick to delte unused passwords.

  2. If something asks me to “register” or open an account in order to do what I want to do, I always try to use a disposable e-mail address and a fictitious user-name. Unfortunately, some sites seem to have got wise to the disposable address ploy, saying that it’s in invalid address. I mostly use the grand-daddy of them all, https://www.spamgourmet.com/index.pl

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