Netfront Life Screen: A Beautiful Home Replacement App For Android

There is no lack of home screen replacement apps for Android. From Home++ for the older days, the revolutionary Slidescreen to the widely popular ADW and LauncherPro, there will sure be one that suits your needs. NetFront Life Screen is yet another home screen replacement app, and yes, it is beautiful and elegant.

NetFront Life Screen is unlike all other home screen apps in the market. There are only two home screens – the left and the right. At the lower half of the screen is a ring of apps where you can rotate to select the app you want.


When an app is in focus, a widget will load to show content from the app. For example, when the Settings app is in focus, you can choose the various Setting options from the popup widget. This will provide a unified access to all your information in the home screen.


The left home screen is where you can access all your applications. All the applications are arranged in a 3D cube and you can flick your finger to rotate the cube.


You can also tap and hold any app icon in the cube and drag it to the ring below. One thing though, there are only limited slots in the ring, so you might have to remove some apps before you can add new one.


Nice implementation, but is it good for daily use?

The design concept is good and the interface is nice, but the implementation is way too laggy. Everytime you rotate the apps in the ring, there is a significant lag before it starts to move. Similarly, when it loads the widget for the in-focus app, it can take up to 2 seconds to display the information. It will be a great home screen replacement app if it can fix the lag issue. For the time being, I will continue to use my favorite LauncherPro as the home screen manager.

What do you think?

Download NetFront Life Screen (market link | Appbrain link)


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