How Will Netflix Going Global Affect You?


Netflix has announced that they went global this week and that they now cover nearly the entire globe other than China. How will this change in service affect you?

The media company was founded in 1997 and started by renting DVDs that were delivered through the mail. A decade later, they introduced video on demand, and now streaming seems to be more of the bread and butter behind their business. In the last few years, they started introducing original content, both TV and movies.

However, the people that Netflix were reaching was limited … until this week when they expanded greatly. While they only reached sixty countries before, their goal is to be in two-hundred countries by the end of the year.

But how will this affect you? Will they now be in your country so that you can enjoy Netflix for the first time? Do you think this will somehow affect the content you’re already getting in your country? Or are you already getting Netflix and don’t expect it to affect you at all?

How will Netflix going global affect you?

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  1. “their goal is to be in two-hundred countries by the end of the year.”

    There are less than 200 countries on Earth, so do they plan to expand to Mars and possibly one of Saturn’s moons? LOL

  2. According to Wikipedia:

    “system divides the 206 listed states into three categories: 193 member states,[1] two observer states, and 11 other states. The sovereignty dispute column indicates states whose sovereignty is undisputed (190 states) and states whose sovereignty is disputed (16 states).”

    So Netflix could technically do it.

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