What’s Going on with Net Neutrality? Everything You Need to Know

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There’s been a lot of talk about net neutrality, with people lobbying for it and accusing corporations of wanting to destroy it. But what is net neutrality, and how does it affect your browsing experience?

What Is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a system where every website receives the same level of treatment, no matter how famous or profitable they are. This may seem like an odd concept; after all, people are treated the same no matter how big or small their website is. However, this model is exactly what some people want to see abolished.

If net neutrality goes away, it allows people to pay extra to speed up connections to their website. This creates an imbalance where paid websites will load faster than unpaid websites. There are advocates and critics to the abolishment of net neutrality, with both sides coming from different angles.

Why Do People Not Want Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality Corporation

People lobbying against net neutrality are typically big businesses. They’re totally fine with the idea of paying some pocket change to have their website load faster than their competitors. As such, they want to abolish net neutrality so they can have an edge over everyone else. Keeping a monopoly on a specific product gets easier if a company can spend money to elevate its website above all others.

Some ISPs also like the idea of net neutrality. They argue that different websites have different demands depending on what content they provide. For example, an elderly lady making a website to list her casserole recipes will strain the ISP far less than Netflix’s HQ video streaming across millions of people.

As such, an ISP can use the abolishment of net neutrality to charge big companies extra. The more bandwidth a company uses, the more an ISP can charge them to maintain their position on the Internet. In the ISP’s eyes, this creates a fairer scene where the people who use the service the most pays the most.

Why Do People Want Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality Activists

If net neutrality is criticized by big business, then support of it come from the small to medium businesses and consumers. Net neutrality offers freedom for anyone to stake their claim on cyberspace without needing to hide in the shade of larger websites.

Small- and medium-sized businesses love net neutrality, as they have enough issues competing against large businesses as it stands. Should net neutrality be repealed, these smaller businesses may have to pay a fee in order to keep themselves afloat.

Consumers also don’t like the sound of being “forced” into specific websites. Consumers like selection, so the idea that websites will load slower if the webmaster doesn’t pay the fee isn’t ideal.

How Is Net Neutrality Fairing Today?

In October 2019, the latest result in the battle for net neutrality came through. In the US it was decided that individual states were allowed to dictate if net neutrality applies or not. This was a big win for net neutrality supporters, as it put control into individual state’s hands. A state can adopt net neutrality as it sees fit, depending on how its residents use the Internet.

The FCC tried to push to prevent states from abolishing net neutrality, but the courts decided this was too much. As such, the battle for net neutrality has become a state-based fight rather than a country-wide one.

To Be Equal, or Not to Be Equal

Abolishing net neutrality has its benefits and drawbacks. Typically, big business and ISP would love to see it abolished, while smaller businesses and the general public would like it to stay.

What’s your stance on net neutrality? Let us know below.

Simon Batt Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.


  1. It was a scam. Another attempt to control another thing in your life by the government.
    Built on lies, propaganda and scare tactics.
    The Internet existed way before Obama admin who tried to “fix it” just like everything else it touched, almost burned it down to the ground.

    Remember the scare tactics?
    “Each google search will be 99 cents!”
    “You have to pay each time you play a video!”
    “Each movie you watch you have to pay x dollars!”
    And so on.
    All lies.
    All scare tactics.
    Leave the Internet free from government and political agendas.

    Free speech on the Internet existed way before Obama and his band of dictators who wanted to control everything.
    And yes, companies who build networks you are on, should start charging if you abuse it.
    If non paying user are using more bandwidth that others who are paying, then the crowd that always screams “equality” should do their part and support equality in paying for the services they use.
    Nothing is free.
    That’s how businesses stay in business, they charge for services they offer.

    1. I wonder if you would be singing the same tune if we lived in a laissez-faire economy and companies charged whatever the traffic will bear for their products and services.

      1. Sir/Madam, you sound like an ass. I also think Obama & his Administration tried to take on too many things. Took credit for things they had little or no input in. I hate them all. However, you sound just as assinine as Obama & friends. However, the internet is totally Free in some US cities. My family lives in Phoenix, AZ. In Phoenix, the internet may now but definitely used to be Free. Same with Philly. Users, however, no matter what or where they visit, already pay for cable, satellite, or a dial-up internet connection. Also, High Speed is already way too expensive. To this day, I still think part of net neutrality is that say (for instance) Comcast is aloud to Charge A Lot More Money to there customers if they want a Faster Internet Connection if it’s above an already relatively fast 25 Mbps. Remember how you have to wait for the page to load, slowly, when we all had only dial-up? Well at 25 Mbps, the page loads in a second or less already. So, why would you need 100 Mbps. At 1 second time, for a website to load, you can’t even Start to read the webpage! Anyway is that part of net neutrality? I think they’re aloud to charge you more money for different speed plans, right? Whether that’s correct or not, the Broadband Cables have All already been paid for, over and over again. They won’t even have to think about stringing up new cables for another 50 years so & the Cable & Satellite Companies should be regulated. Because there abusive with pricing! Same as oil & gas companies.

  2. I wonder how ever this article has a neutral feeling on this crucial topic? I mean if the Internet will be ruled by big business, it will tailored just for the needs of them.
    The point here is that is important to promote the net neutrality.

  3. @dragonmouth,
    The world does not go by “would be, should be, can be”, …etc.
    Reality is what is out there, not the fairy tails of those who want to run every aspect of your life.

    The Internet was always free, and will always be like that. Does not need a big government like Obama and the democrats in the US who tried to regulate it. Everything is working until they decided to “fix” it, see what they did to healthcare.
    But that is another discussion and is beyond the scope of this article and this site.

    The facts are, the Internet is free. You want to suck all the bandwidth of one node and then expect not to pay or pay as much as the rest who are using it reasonably, then that is not neutrality, that is theft.

    The nuetrality propagnada and those who peddled it assured us that each google search would be 99 cents, each video you stream is and stuff like that.
    They also said government regulations (AKA net neutrality) are required to keep free speech on the Internet. Really?
    So free speech did not exist before 2015 when all this propaganda started?
    Let’s be real here, away from the politics and agendas.

    This was pushed by gov and big businesses, and those did not do it because they cared about you and me, they did it to make sure gov has a choking hold on it, and gov can decide who gets what, and since all big businesses have politicians in their pockets, it does not take a rocket scientist to see the agenda behind this, that is if their lies did not already make it clear for anyone who has been paying attention what was this really about.

    You want to give gov control over everything in your life, then don’t complain what they’d do to you as a result.
    One thing should settle this argument,

    They said within few weeks of repealing the “Net Neutrality” rules, the Internet will be all paid, slowed down, throttled, and your free speech will be taken away form you on the Internet.
    Well, it has been over a year, and nothing of that happened.

    Facts, Reality vs. hypothetical stuff, conspiracy theories, and propaganda.
    Like I said, the Inernet was free before 2015 and will always be free after the repeal of those totalitarian rules. The only way it loses that status when you, the user, willing surrenders his/her freedom to governments.

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