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Nayosmart Almighty Backpack Featured

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There are tons of things you need to bring along on your road trip – your clothing, electronic devices (laptop, handphone, chargers, powerbanks, etc.), toiletries, footwear, and more. This often requires you to bring a suitcase along for your trip. I recently had the chance to try out the NayoSmart Almighty backpack, and I was really impressed with it, not only with its design, but also the huge capacity in the backpack and the number of well-thought designs all over the backpack. Here’s our review.

There are two sizes of the NayoSmart Almighty backpack, and I am using the 25L one for this review. The bigger one, at 32L, is slightly taller and wider and has 7L more in space than the smaller one.

Nayosmart Almighty Backpack Standing


During unboxing, the first thing that impressed me is the touch and feel of the backpack. Made from a high-tenacity polyester with waterproof coating, it feels solid and sturdy. It gives you the assured feeling that the fabric won’t give way when the bag is packed and squeezed to the brim. There are also tons of cushion in the bag. Almost every pocket has a layer of cushion so you know your stuff is well-protected and not getting squashed.

Plenty of pockets

In total, there are more than 20 pockets in the bag. There are pockets everywhere – on the front, at the top, on the side, in the back, on the carrier straps, and even pockets within pockets. I usually try to travel light, and I do have difficulty trying to fill up all the pockets.


The Almighty backpack has a full zipper from the bottom of one side to the end of the other. This allows you to open the bag fully like a suitcase. It also makes it easier for you to pack and unpack your stuff. I have quite a few backpacks, and most of them only come with a top opening. This makes it inconvenient to take out the things that are packed in the bottom of the bag. You won’t have this issue with the Almighty.

Nayosmart Almighty Backpack Interior

The interior of the bag is divided into two main compartments – one for your laptop/tablet and the other for your clothing. There is a mesh webbing that separates the two compartments, useful for keeping your clothes in place so they don’t fall all over the place when you open up your bag.

Nayosmart Almighty Backpack Clothing Compartment

Depending on your packing style and the type of clothing you are wearing, the clothing compartment is big enough to contain about three to five days of clothing. As the picture below shows, I managed to pack seven t-shirts, one pair of long pants, one towel, one pair of shorts and three pairs of socks. I am sure I can squeeze in another sweater and a pair of slippers, which makes it just right for about a five-day road trip.

Nayosmart Almighty Packlist

In the clothing compartment, there are two small bags attached to it with velcro. One is the toiletry bag while the other is for your electronics items, like charger, battery pack, etc. The velcro keeps the bags in place so they won’t move around. What I love about the toiletry bag is that it comes with a hook so that you can hang it when bringing it to the toilet.

Nayosmart Almighty Backpack Toiletries Bag

The laptop compartment is big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop. It also has a tablet compartment. There are two smaller compartments that can hold things like a powerbank, headphones, etc.

Some well-thought-out design

1. There is a hidden compartment at the back of the backpack for you to put your confidential documents like your passport.

2. There is a strip at the back of the bag for you to hook onto your suitcase.

3. There are two water-bottle pockets, one on each side of the bag. The one on the right side is insulated, while the one on the left is exposed for quick access.

4. The shoulder straps and the back of the backpack are heavily cushioned. The cushion makes the bag more comfortable to carry and makes the heavy bag feel lighter. The shoulder straps also come with sternum straps so you buckle it across your chest and distribute the weight of the bag evenly.

Nayosmart Almighty Backpack Sternum Strip

5. There is a small hook on the shoulder strap, which is very handy for hanging your shades or adding a torchlight at night.


Most premium backpacks have a price tag of more than $100 and can go up to $300. The NayoSmart Almighty Backpack can be purchased for $88 and $92, for the 25L and 32L, respectively, which makes it a steal. At just $4 extra, you get 7L more of storage space with the 32L bag, which makes it hard for us to recommend the 25L bag. Unless you are a petite person, getting the bigger 32L Almighty bag makes it more economical.

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If you are looking for a premium backpack that you can bring to work or for an occasional road trip that doesn’t break the bank, the NayoSmart Almighty backpack is one for you to consider.

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