myHomepage: An Useful Bookmark And Password Manager

With all of the sites people frequent on a daily basis, it is hard to keep everything straight.

Password and bookmark managers have been around for a while and are widly used and talked about on the web. Custom homepages like iGoogle and 43marks have also been written about many many times. is a marriage of these 3 concepts.

Once you sign up for an account you will be taken to the dashboard area. You will see these tabs: My Homepage, My Bookmarks, My Password Vault and Auto Logins.


My Homepage

The My Homepage tab will be pretty empty in the beginning. Once you start adding sites you want to auto login to, you will see things here. I have added a few sites that I would like to auto login so you can see what it looks like.


Adding a bookmark is one of two ways, on the site using the search bar, or using a handy bookmarklet.

Just like using a search engine, type in the site or keyword you want to find. You will see a bunch of results. If you type in a website’s full address, you will see something like the picture below with the best result displayed a little larger.

The bookmarklet method is great for when you are surfing and you come across something you want to to revisit. To use the bookmarklet, drag the button up to your bookmark bar. It is located on the left side in the bookmark tab.

To use it, simply go to your bookmark bar and click on it when you are on a web page you want to save. A window will pop up with options for a tag, description and name of the page.

After you fill in the basic info, and save it, you can now access the site from the bookmark tab. Currently, importing bookmarks from your browser is not available, but this feature is in the works.

Auto Login

Setting a site to auto login enables you log in to any of the sites you set up. Setting up a site is a couple step process.

1. Bookmark the site described above.

2. Drag the Auto Login bookmarklet to your bookmark bar. This will be how it knows when you want to sign in.

3. In the auto login tab, there are some sites added by default. If you would like to use auto login for any of these sites, click on the little blue tab in the bottom right corner next to where it says the site name. Click the option that says Edit Auto Login.

4. Fill in your login information and click save.

Now, when you visit that site, you can just click the Auto Login bookmarklet and you are logged in.


In playing with these options, I found out that you need to be logged into myhompage for things to work. You don’t need to have the page open in a tab or window. The easiest way to make sure you are logged in is to set as your homepage. (There is a link on the top of the page.) This way, when you fire up your browser, you can make sure you are signed in. You will also have all of your bookmarked sites right at your finger tips.

Do you think the merging of two great services like this will take off?

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