How to Mute People on Social Media Without Unfollowing or Unfriending Them

There are some people that you just can’t unfollow, such as friends and family or work colleagues that won’t stop posting about their lunch or workout routine. (You know who you are!) Sometimes it’s easier to mute them, and you can check their page every now and then if you want to keep up appearances.

Here’s a guide to muting people on social media without getting rid of them completely.


Some people still find it easy to be annoying in 140 characters or less. Luckily, it’s easy to mute them and they won’t be able to find out. They’ll still be able to interact with you and respond to your tweets, so don’t worry about offending them.

Tap on one of their tweets, and hit the options menu (the three circles next to the like button).


Hit “Mute” and you’re done. (It’s a quick and easy method.)



Friends and family make Facebook one of the worst offenders for people I’d love to delete but can’t.

If you’re getting spammed or you’ve just had enough of somebody in particular, especially when they can’t stop posting their Pokemon catch, you can tap on a recent update and choose to receive less updates from them. You can pick from the list above depending on what’s right for you. It’s nicer than completely deleting them, and it saves hassle when you bump into them in real life.

Eventually, you should stop seeing their posts altogether if you keep hiding their content.


As every professional on LinkedIn knows, there’s always somebody who doesn’t understand where to draw the line when it comes to self-promotion. You can easily mute a conversation (or advert) by clicking the arrow in the top right corner. Choose to hide that particular update or conversation, and it’ll stop cropping up in your news feed every two minutes.


It’s best to stay professional, so deleting people outright probably isn’t the best idea if you use the site for networking or business.


The much unloved social media platform still has a solid number of users, and lots of them are annoying! To mute a page or person, click on their name, and click on the arrow found at the bottom of the page.


Choose the option to mute the offending page, and they’ll never know the difference. (At least Google managed to get one thing right with the platform.)


It’s often easier to mute people, and it spares hurt feelings and helps to avoid arguments. Some people can’t stop themselves from spouting their political views 24/7, and others can’t draw a line between being productive and being a spammer. Deleting people is a harsh step, and they usually find out one way or another.

If you like to follow back or you can’t help accepting friend requests, muting is a valuable tool to keep you one step ahead in the social media game.

Did we manage to help out? Have you ever had to delete or mute someone that was really annoying you? Let us know in the comments!

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James Milin-Ashmore
James Milin-Ashmore

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