How to Mute a Google+ Circle

Do you have extra chatty people in your Google+ Circles? You know, those people that post way too much and drown out the quiet ones that don’t post as much? Well, if you’ve been thinking of removing them from your Circles, think again.

There’s an easy way to hide posts from that chatty people while staying connected on Google+, and that’s by muting them. You can’t mute a single person, but you can create a new Google+ Circle and mute that entire Circle.

Here’s how:

1. Create a new circle and add those that you want to mute to that circle.

To do this, click on “Circles” in the right column and drag the each person to┬áthe empty white circle; this will create a new Circle.

Create a new circle containing your friends that post too much on Google+.

2. Name the new Circle and then go back to the Home stream.

3. Select the Circle that you’ve just created from the “More” menu at the top of your Home stream.

Select the Google+ Circle that you want to mute from the More menu.

4. Now with that Circle selected, use the slider opposite the menus to mute that particular Circle: drag it all the way to the left side.

Use the slider to mute a Google+ Circle posts from your Home stream.

That’s it. That Circle will now be muted and you won’t see any posts from those users in your Home stream. Best of all, they won’t even know that they’ve been muted; you won’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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