5 Must-Have Tips for New iPhone 7 Owners

Apple fans are slowly making their move to the company’s latest device – the iPhone 7. Although you might think getting the newer model of the same phone wouldn’t require too much additional effort in adapting, the iPhone 7 has several features that make the process of getting used to your new phone a bit more involved.

From changes to the home button to the elimination of the headphone jack, there are several important differences you’ll need to plan for before making the switch to an iPhone 7 /7 Plus from your current model.

Here are five essential tips to help you get the most out of your new device!

1. Heed Apple’s warning about the waterproof feature

One of the most exciting features to hit the new iPhone is the waterproof feature. Although many Android users have enjoyed waterproof phones for a year or two now, Apple fans are just now rejoicing in their newfound ability to take their phones with them in situations where they could potentially get wet. This is exciting, but it’s also important to remember that just because your phone is technically waterproof doesn’t mean it’s indestructible.


Apple warns iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users against using the charging/headphone port when the device is wet. This is because plugging something into the phone while it’s wet will likely push water into the device and allow it to reach areas that are not protected against water.

Long story short, enjoy your phone’s waterproof feature but don’t push your luck by doing anything that could push water up into the phone through the charger/headphone port.

2. Try out the new alarm feature

Bedtime is a new alarm feature available to iPhone users who have updated to iOS 10 or higher. Although this feature isn’t necessarily exclusive to iPhone 7 users, it’s still something that iPhone 7 users should check out while they’re learning more about their new phones.

The Bedtime feature in Apple’s alarm clock app reminds users when they should go to bed to get a full night’s sleep. The app also tracks sleeping habits to help users learn more about their sleeping patterns and identify potential issues with their sleep behavior.

To set this up on your device, Apple has created a simple setup process that asks a series of questions to set up alarms for going to bed as well as alarms for waking up. The morning alarm also allows you to adjust the volume of the alarm that wakes you up.

3. Purchase a power cord adapter

One of the biggest changes you will need to adjust to on your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will be the absence of a headphone jack. Although Apple’s intent here might be novel, not having a headphone jack can be a bit annoying if you’d like to listen to music on your headphones while charging your phone. Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem.

Apple offers a power cord adapter that allows you to plug two cords into your phone at the same time. You can find the official Apple adapter here or opt for a more cost-effective option on a site like Amazon or Ebay.


4. Set the sensitivity of the Home button

Another major change on the new iPhone is the removal of a physical button for the Home button. Home is now accessed by a touch sensor rather than an actual button that you can click and feel. One way to get used to this more quickly is to adjust the Home button pressure on your device. Here’s how you do that.

1. Go to “Settings > General > Home Button.”

2. Click one of the three feedback levels provided in the menu that appears.

3. Tap “Done” in the right-hand corner to save your changes.

5. Make note of changes to force-restart your device

The process of force-restarting your new device will change as well. This will be a handy process to know in advance, as it will likely be difficult for you to figure it out in instances when you would need to force restart like when an app freezes up. Because the Home button is gone, you will need to hold down the Power button on the right hand side of your device while simultaneously pressing and holding the volume down button on the left hand side.

Hopefully these five tips will help you become acquainted with your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus! If you’ve yet to order the new model and are fearing all of the changes mentioned in this article, I recommend taking this fun quiz to see if you’re ready to make the switch.

Cosette Jarrett
Cosette Jarrett

Cosette is a tech and lifestyle writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's worked as a writer in the tech sphere for a little over five years, currently specializing in providing practical ISP and consumer tech tips. In her free time, Cosette enjoys spending time hiking, biking, and snowboarding in Utah's beautiful backyard.

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