5 Must-Have Android Selfie Apps for Picture Lovers

Taking selfies is a phenomenon that is still going strong, and that spurred the demand for selfie apps with various features.

Every selfie app tries to get our attention with what they call “must-have” features, but few succeed. The following selfie apps allow you to add real-time effects such as animal ears and even allow you to record selfie videos.

1. B612 – Selfiegenic Camera


It’s evident that B612 has the features that keep a selfie addict happy considering the number of downloads. The app has your essential selfie features such as filters and beautifying options, but it offers more than that, too. The app also has real-time effects you can add to your selfies such as animal ears, Christmas-related ornaments, funny hats, accessories, jewelry, and all sorts of funny faces.

It even has Snapchat-like features where the app changes your voice and gives you a funny bee body (for example). You will always need an Internet connection to be able to use these features, but it’s well worth the mobile data. You can’t add these stickers to pictures from your phone’s gallery, but you can add them as filters.

2. Sweet Selfie


With Sweet Selfie you can do things such as create collages with your selfies. You can choose from various collage options that range from two to six pictures. The app also has different types of filters: for example, you can add traditional ones or filters that have a design to them.

It also features a photo booth where it will add a Christmas hat, New Year’s costume, animal ears, magazine covers, seasonal frames, and more! If your capture button is too far away, you can have the app take the picture by tapping anywhere on the screen.

3. YouCam Perfect


YouCam Perfect is a feature-rich app that offers one-touch filters, rotate, and photo crop. You can also add a blurred background or add your picture to a funny scene like a funny-looking chef cooking. (You will need to install an additional app for that, though.)

The beautify feature on this app is more detailed since you can soften your skin, add tone, shape your face, remove eye bags, enhance your nose, etc. You can also use overlays, stickers, frames, HDR, and effects such as fantasy, memories, and more. Some are free, while you have to pay $0.99 for others.

It also has multi-face detection so you can fix every face in the selfie, not just yours. It’s also possible to add some life to your selfies by creating a short video with them.

4. Bestie Selfie Camera


Bestie Selfie Camera also has a lot to offer with its real-time beauty effects. For example, you can eliminate acne, add over 100 filters for portrait selfies, remove blemishes, or whiten teeth, and it can even re-shape your face.

Real-time stickers are also available, and they range from accessories to funny animal faces such as ducks and chickens, and your friends can see the real-time stickers in action. You can record a short video with your selfies as well.

Thanks to the Night camera feature, you can take a selfie at night without worrying about the poor lighting and have everyone fit by using the wide-angle lens. Add Firefly, feathering and other designs to your selfie to add your own personal touch. This app will offer effect options the other apps can’t.

5. Fotor Editor: Perfect Selfie


Last, but not least, you have Fotor Editor: Perfect Selfie. A unique feature you’re only going to find in this app is the possibility of fusing your selfie with a background image. You can choose from various backgrounds such as a beach, basketball court, garden, etc.

With Perfect Selfie you can also draw on your selfie, eliminate imperfections, blur out the background, crop, eliminate red-eye, add filters, and even undo whatever changes you’ve made. Besides helping you take great selfies, you can also count on all the tools you would expect a photo editor to have as well.


Selfies are a great way to capture those moments you want to remember. By using a selfie app, you can add effects you usually wouldn’t be able to add. How do you improve your selfies? Leave a comment and let us know.

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