What Is Your Must-Bring Gadget When Traveling?


One of the best aspects of newer technology is the advances made in mobile computing. It allows us to take it all on the go with us; whether it’s for business or pleasure, we can travel and not have to leave anything behind. We asked our writers what one gadget they would bring along with them when traveling, and while the original question wasn’t excluding mobile phones, the writers seemed to either assume it was or include their smartphones along with another gadget in their answers.

For a very large portion of our writers, the one gadget they don’t want to leave home without is a power bank, and for Damien, it’s similarly a multi-ports USB charger that he won’t leave home without. But of course, if you need a power bank, you’re using it in conjunction with something else.

Himanshu brings a pen drive along with the power bank. Charnita brings a tablet along with her power bank because she prefers a tablet over a smartphone. She uses it for everything and likes to keep it charged up at all times. Vamsi brings four things and can’t choose just one: a laptop, smartphone, power bank, and a couple of thumb drives, with one of them loaded with Ubuntu.


Like Charnita, Attila and myself bring our tablets. For him a low-end tablet with an eBook reader, and for myself it’s my iPad. I don’t do a lot of traveling, but I recently went through a big illness so was in and out of hospitals and doctors’ appointments. I couldn’t imagine going to any of those without my iPad – I could do work, keep in contact through email and Facebook, etc.

For Christopher, he knows his external HDD is his must-bring gadget. He keeps a lot of portable applications on it, “so even if I’m using another computer, I can still keep most of my necessary apps and info close to me.”

Shujaa chose to go a more creative route, not wanting to be caught without his DSLR camera. He’s really interested in photography and loves to catch “some amazing shots of the place I’m visiting.”

What is your must-bring gadget when traveling? Do you have another question for our writers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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