How Much of a Geek Are You?

We’ve all heard the words … “geek,” “nerd,” etc. And it wasn’t too long ago that anyone on a computer was considered a geek. But times have definitely changed. Now it’s more abnormal to not have a computer and/or some type of mobile device. With that in mind, how much of a geek are you? How many toys do you have?

What sets the benchmark these days for being a geek? It’s no longer just having a computer or mobile device. They’ve infiltrated our lives too much. The benchmark must be what you do with your computer or mobile device or perhaps how many you have. Some people have a computer under each different operating system and have multiple mobile phones and tablets, depending on their present need. Certainly if you’re just checking email and Facebook, that doesn’t qualify you as a geek. Yet many people go beyond that use, programming their computers or developing their own apps for mobile devices.

How about you? Do you only sit on your computer and mobile phone to connect with people when you need to or are you on your devices day and night? Do you only have one computer and a mobile phone or can you also add in a tablet, another mobile phone, and a few more computers?

How much of a geek are you?

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Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. @Curtis

    I AGREE with you 100% for even though I own only a Desktop computer . . . People (through word-of-mouth) come to me to troubleshoot their computers!

  2. Sorry. I own only a Laptop.
    I guess working on others’ desktops I forgot I don’t have one.

  3. I own my own brand name domain — but the website is not up.
    I use four computers regularly — but only three are Linux.
    I no longer give Microsoft any money — no ifs ands or buts.
    When my wife and I travel with have six to eight computers — but one of them is an mac.
    The real geek does not own too many computers or the latest gadget — but know exactly what he needs and has it and uses it.
    The reall geek has better things to do than to play computer games.
    I was a geek before — way before — it was cool.

  4. I work in IT security.
    I code my own apps.
    The IT helpdesk, programming, and networking staff at work come to me for advice.
    I personally own multiple laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, covering multiple operating systems.

    I subscribe to the Geek Hierarchy viewpoint:
    Geek: Understands, creates, & fixes really cool stuff.
    Nerd: Understands & collects really cool stuff.
    Dork: Confused by really cool stuff.

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