MTE Deals: VPN Land 4-Year Subscription

MTE Deals: VPN Land 4-Year Subscription

Whether you’re looking to be more secure when browsing online, or you want to learn a new skill, we have you covered in today’s deals. First, you can take advantage of a four-year subscription to VPN Land. Finally, if you want to learn all about SQL or maybe just want to brush up on your skills, we have a course just for you. Let’s check them out.

VPN Land: Four-Year Subscription

Looking to keep the personal data on your smartphone (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) and/or computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) safe from prying eyes and hackers? VPN Land is an Internet security service that can do that and more. Right now you can get a four-year subscription to the service at seventy-two percent off.

Keep Your Data Safe from Prying Eyes with Premier Internet Security

There are over 400 reliable servers that you can use to securely browse the Web whenever you’d like and without any loss of speed. Plus, you can also avoid geo-location restrictions for services like Netflix, Hulu and Skype. Additionally, you can mask your IP address for extra added security.

VPN Land

Bonus: Introduction to SQL Training Course

SQL is a language used to communicate with databases. Whether you’re a business owner or Web developer, you can benefit from knowing the ins and outs of SQL. With this Introduction to SQL Training course, you’ll become a data wizard.

Earn Some Major Business Clout--Become a Data Wizard with SQL Training

At eight-four percent off, this is a great deal you’ll want to take advantage of. You’ll learn how to extract and manipulate data using SQL, how to utilize SQL to build applications or generate business reports, how to apply SQL to all major databases and more. The course starts with basics and goes all the way up to advanced queries.

Introduction to SQL Training

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