Get VoCore 2, the World’s Smallest Linux Computer, for 13% Off

Vocore2 Mini Linux Computer Bundle Featured

At the size of a coin, VoCore2 is the world’s smallest Linux computer. Don’t be put off by its small size, though. With support for WI-FI and USB, it is the perfect tool for you to create your own IoT device and make your house smarter.

This bundle contains the VoCore2 Ultimate and a VoCor2 Screen and is now selling at $69, 13% off its regular price.

Vocorer2 Ultimate

The VoCore2 Ultimate is an open-source Linux computer and a fully-functional wireless router, which can be used as a VPN gateway, an AirPlay music streaming station, a private cloud for data storage, and much more. The VoCore2 screen can be used as a display for embedding devices. It’s designed for standard USB2.0 devices rather than MIPI or HDMI, while the screen contains the memory to store the picture, allowing you to send data directly through USB.

Some of the things you can do to make use of this bundle:

  • Use the VoCore2 Ultimate as a VPN gateway to secure your network
  • Stream AirPlay music and store your data in a private cloud
  • Display images in high quality to embed on devices using the VoCore2 screen
  • Display real color images and videos for non-MIPI, HDMI devices

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