MTE Deals: Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

Summer is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with a fresh new collection of apps for your Mac? StackSocial has put together a deal bundle featuring nine must-have Mac essentials for the summer.

Here’s what you can look forward to with this bundle:

Unibox – An email client for Mac that organizes your Inbox by person. You can read and compose emails in a single window, visually browse all attachments, get a unified view of multiple accounts and more.

Unibox email client for Mac.

Noiseless – A photo editor that quickly removes digital noise from your images using “smart noise reduction technology” in a single click. It does this while retaining sharp details, thus giving images a practically flawless look.

Remove digital noise on photos with Noiseless.

Hider 2 – A secure way to hide sensitive information and private files from prying eyes. Hider is a password-protected vault that makes files unsearchable via Finder or Spotlight and secures them using AES-256 encryption.

Hide and encrypt private files with Hider 2.

NoteBook 4 – Take notes in style with this perfect blend of old school note-taking and innovative digital technology. With Notebook 4 you can place notes anywhere on a page and include attachments within text – as well as many other useful features.

NoteBook 4 - Powerful and versatile note-taking.

App Tamer 2 – An easy way to optimize CPU usage and extend your Mac’s battery life. With App Tamer 2 you can stop and/or slow down background apps to help reduce processor usage, decrease fan noise and minimize battery usage.

Optimize CP usage and extend battery life with App Tamer 2.

iStat Menus 5 – An advanced system monitor that lives in your menu bar. You can see CPU, GPU, RAM, drive and network usage all in real-time. Plus, you can monitor your Mac’s temperature sensors and fans.

iStat Menu 5 advanced system monitor for Mac.

Beamer 2 – A convenient way to stream any kind of media from your Mac to your Apple TV. It’s as easy as opening a movie file on your Mac and pressing the play button. Supported formats include: AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV and FLV.

Stream almost anything to your Apple TV with Beamer 2.

Chatology – Allows you to quickly search through your iMessages, texts and messages from other chat services used in iMessage. You can search within a specific date range and even filter your chats to show just images or links shared.

Quickly search through iMessages with Chatology.

Jump Desktop – Securely connect to any Mac or PC remotely. Once you get set up via Jump Desktop’s website, you can use the app to connect and switch between computers. Mac keyboard shortcuts are also supported.

Remotely connect to any Mac or PC with Jump Desktop.

What is your favorite Mac app in the bunch?

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle