MTE Deals: Smart Light Bulbs For Any Occasion

MTE Deals: Smart Light Bulbs For Any Occasion

When I was a kid, I would always get annoyed when my Mother would ask me to stop what I was doing to come turn off the light for her. It would have been really convenient if she could have turned it off herself without having to get up from her comfy bed.

Luckily, today we have that convenience with smart light bulbs. No longer do we have to be bothered with the inconvenience of stopping what we’re doing to turn off the light. Plus, they often have other cool features thanks to a mobile app and help to save energy.

No matter what reason you choose to use a smart light bulb (whether for a party, to save energy, to leave on for your pet when way from home, to deter intruders, etc.), these deals cannot be passed up.

Smart LED Lighting Kit

With the Smart LED Lighting Kit from Linxee Wireless, you get two energy-saving 6W bulbs, one lighting hub, and 16M colors to choose from. These light bulbs will give you 52k hours of ambiance and enjoyment.

Smart LED Lighting Kit by Linxee Wireless

The included hub connects to the free Android and iOS app, which can then be used to control up to 50 Linxee Wireless Smart LED light bulbs in real-time or by scheduling (using ZigBee technology).

Linxee Wireless Smart LED Lighting Kit

iLumi LED Smartbulb

The iLumi LED Smartbulb can be controlled and programmed wirelessly via a free Android and iOS app. For example, you can wake up naturally with your room filled with lighting that matches a sunrise.

iLumi LED Smartbulb from iLumi

You can create your own custom light settings or use the built-in, pre-customized settings. This bulb can last up to 20 years and is five times more energy efficient than your average light bulb.

iLumi LED Smartbulb

SMFX Smart Bulb

The SMFX Smart Bulb is yet another smart light bulb that can be controlled via an Android or iOS app. You can dim, brighten, change the color and turn the light on/off all from the comfort of your couch or bed.

SMFX Smart Bulb from SMFX

Not only does the SMFX Smart Bulb last up to 40k hours, but it uses 10% of the energy that a standard light bulb uses. The app also includes a “disco mode” where the light will change (dance along) to any song.

SMFX Smart Bulb

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  1. Isn’t a smartphone an expensive kind of light switch? One can buy a boatload of dumb lightbulbs and dumb lightswitches for the price of a smartphone and a smart lightbulb.

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