Python Programming Bootcamp [MTE Deals]

Python Programming Bootcamp [MTE Deals]

Python is the multifaceted language behind Google and YouTube, among many other apps and services. If you’re looking to master this language for yourself, you’ll greatly benefit from the Python Programming Bootcamp.

With over fiffy hours of training, you won’t just get an intro to Python programming, you’ll also learn more advanced topics and even build seven apps.

Here are the six courses included in the Python Programming Bootcamp:

Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming – This course will teach you essential Python concepts that are extremely relevant to any tech career and perfect for building amazing network tools.

Python Made Easy – The Complete Python Developer Course – This course starts with beginner concepts like understanding the tools you need to download and how to install Python on your machine. From there you’ll learn to write your very first Python program.

Python Programming: The Step-by-Step Python Coding Guide – In this course you’ll learn to write Python programs, solve real-world problems, and automate repetitive and complex tasks. This will help you create your own Python scripts to turn tasks into processes.


Python Made Easy – The Complete Python Developer Course – This course goes into more detail on writing Python scripts and shows you how to build your own white hat hacking tools. Additionally, you’ll set up your own virtual hacking workplace.

A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming – Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your Python skills, this course breaks basic concepts down into beginner-friendly, comprehensible lessons. At the end, you’ll complete three hands-on coding exercises.

Analytics, Machine Learning & NLP in Python – This course teaches you how to put Machine Learning and Python into action. You’ll use hundreds of lines of source code with comments to implement natural language processing and machine learning for text summarization and text classification.

Python Programming Bootcamp

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