MTE Deals: Juno Power Portable Jump Starter

Whether you need a¬†battery for your car or batteries for gadgets and electronics in your home, we have you covered. Today we’re featuring two deals that are a must for any household.

You’ve probably seen (or maybe even have) a portable battery for your mobile phone, tablet and/or laptop. What about your car though? You never know when your car battery might die on you or when a friend or family member may need a jump.

JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter

That’s why the Juno Power portable jump starter is so handy; it’s basically a portable 6,000mAh battery for your car. However, it can also charge your¬†smartphone, tablet, camera and more (via the USB 5V 2.1A output). Even if your car battery is completely dead, it will jump start your car in minutes.

Other features include a flashlight, an intelligent cable (to see if your car is ready to jump or not), and a built-in power management system (to protect your devices).

Portable Jump Starter

Using rechargeable over one-time use batteries is a no-brainer. Not only will you save money (especially if you have a lot of items that use batteries), but you’ll also help the environment by recycling your batteries. That’s why the SunLabz Rechargeable AA Battery Bundle is a must-have.

SunLabz Rechargeable AA Battery Bundle

With this bundle you get an 8-pack of 2800mAH NiMH AA rechargeable batteries plus a 4-slot smart battery charger. I actually have AA and AAA rechargeable batteries by SunLabz, so I can vouch for their quality and effectiveness. We use them for many things in our household on an almost daily basis and have no complaints. They are long-lasting and just as good as the Energizer rechargeable batteries we have.

Rechargeable AA Battery Bundle