Pay What You Want: Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle

Pay What You Want: Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle

Need a career boost or just want to improve your Microsoft Office skills for personal use? We’ve got you covered with this week’s Pay What You Want Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle.

Featuring 12 skill-boosting courses, you’ll become a pro in Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access, and OneNote. This bundle is valued at $990 and well worth the current “average” price tag of just under $9.00.

Here’s everything that’s included in this huge deal:

Pay What You Want: Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle

Microsoft Word 2013 – Basic and Advanced – Whether you’re just learning or you’re an advanced Word user, this course has you covered. You’ll learn to work with text, modify page layouts, use proofreading tools, and more.

Excel 2013 – Financial Functions Using Excel – Lean how to calculate interest rates, ROIs, asset valuation, analyze loans and payments, assess bond valuation, and more.

Excel 2013 – Excel Dashboard – Build customized dashboards to track, view, and analyze metrics. Learn how to import data into that dashboard, create charts to visualize data, and more.

Excel 2013 – Excel Graphics and Charts – Create a wide array of charts ranging from pivots to maps. Plus, learn which charts are best for displaying different types of data.

Microsoft Excel 2013 – Learn everything you need to know about Excel in this thorough course with over 175 lectures – from the basics to complex formulas and smart features.

Learn Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Always wanted to be an expert in Outlook? Now you can be with this complete overview of Outlook’s basic and most advanced features – from customizing your inbox to scheduling techniques.

Learn Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 – Presentations always come in handy whether you’re doing a one-on-one consultation, holding a large meeting, or pitching to investors. This course teaches you the ins and outs of creating an impressive presentation.

MS Access 2013 – Advanced – Learn to use Access as a powerful way to tame large amounts of data. Plus, learn to build effective databases, create tables using Application parts, and much more.

Excel 2013 Basic Training Course – This course will get you started with Excel by teaching you how to organize your data, getting you familiar with commonly used formulas, and helping you utilize shortcuts.

Excel 2013 – Pivot Table – This course will take you to the next level of Excel, showing you how to craft pivot tables, utilize basic and advanced formatting techniques, and will teach you all about macros for task automation.

Microsoft OneNote 2013 – Learn how to properly use OneNote to boost your productivity and collaborate with individuals or a team. You’ll up your note-taking game and get more done than you’d previously thought possible.

Comprehensive MS Access 2013 – Database management becomes a piece of cake with this course on all things Access. You’ll delve into an overview of how databases work, then get your hands dirty building one of your own.

Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle

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