The Mega Mac 2015 Bundle at 94% Off

Looking to get your hands on fifteen of this year’s hottest Mac apps? Luckily, with this Mega Mac 2015 Bundle, you can. At a whopping 94% off its $564 price tag, you’ll get a nice mix of utilities, optimizers, productivity apps and more.

Here are the fifteen apps included in the bundle.

Disk Drill Pro – Data recovery software that lets you recover data (photos, music, documents, etc.) from virtually any storage device. You can also back up an entire hard drive onto a new drive.


HDR Darkroom 3 – A powerful photo editor with sixteen built-in settings (HDR styles) to transform your images. You can also create your own custom styles.

Spotdox: 3-year subscription – Grants you remote access to your computer from anywhere so that you can access your files. With Dropbox integration, you can also move files from Dropbox to your Mac.


Sticky Password Premium: 3-year subscription – A password management app that protects your online identity by providing you with strong encrypted passwords for all your accounts. Everything is managed by a single master password.

Macbooster 2 Standard – A Mac optimization app that helps to clean out unnecessary files, large files, unused applications, and more. It also helps to prevent and remove malware and viruses, optimize your Mac’s speed and performance, and speed up your Mac’s startup time.


Email Archiver Pro – This app works with Apple Mail to convert emails to PDFs (in a single click) for safekeeping on your hard drive. You can then search for those files on your desktop and access them whenever needed.

Kiwi for Gmail – Want to use Gmail on your desktop? This email client provides a streamlined user experience yet offers the full suite of Gmail features in a simple and intuitive design reminiscent of the Web version.


FoldingText – This simple, easy-to-use plain text editor also serves as a markdown editor on your Mac. You can create outlines and to-do lists with simple text formatting and even customize the app with scripts, themes, and plugins.

Commander One Pro – This dual-panel alternative to Finder is reminiscent of Norton Commander. It includes RAR support, an FTP manager, customized themes, and more.


Fetching – This bookmarking app will make sure you never lose track of a website again. It does that by caching all the content of the pages you visit. You can then search through your history with whatever keywords or information that comes to mind.

Deep Dreamer – This image processing app turns images into psychedelic works of art. You can use it to reveal the shapes and objects hiding within movie clips and photographs to create everything from stunningly beautiful to terrifying nightmare visions.


PrivacyScan – As the name suggests, this app easily identifies and destroys potentially harmful files on your Mac. It’s like a digital file shredder for sensitive documents and images. It also automatically scans for threats on newly installed apps.

Pixlr Pro: 1-year subscription – You may already be familiar with the web version of Pixlr; it’s a popular photo editor with a wide range of features. This desktop version is no different and lets you crop, resize, filter, add effects, create layers, add borders, and much more.


Breaking – If you like to keep up with “breaking news,” this app is for you. It will help you keep on top of current affairs by turning your Mac’s Today View into a news feed. Just add feeds from your favorite sites to keep up with the latest headlines.

My Net – This powerful WiFi LAN network scanner ensures that no unfamiliar devices or rogue services are operating on your network. It helps you identify who and what is connected to your WiFi network and can conduct different tests like NetBios, Bonjour and port scans, and pinging.


Mega Mac 2015 Bundle