MTE Deals: Mac Utility Apps at a Great Discount

MTE Deals: Mac Utility Apps at a Great Discount

When it comes to Mac utility apps, they’re in abundance; it can be hard to choose just one when there are so many options. Today we’ll make it easier for you by providing some amazing deals on Mac utility apps. Although many free apps can be just as good, here are some paid apps (at a discount) worth considering.

If you’re looking for a way to secure and supercharge your Mac, here are five apps that you can get in a single bundle for 77% off:

Koingo Mac Essentials Bundle

  • AirRadar 3 – Find a free WiFi network anywhere no matter where you are. You can also pinpoint WiFi channels with the most bandwidth, and filter out networks you don’t want so that they don’t show up again.
  • MacPilot 7 – Access 1,200+ lesser-known features on your Mac. You can do things like tweak the Dock’s appearance, disable the screensaver feature, find duplicates and reveal hidden files.
  • MacClenase 5 – Keep your Mac clean and organized by deleting space-wasting files, discarding unnecessary logs/caches/plugins, clearing your web and app histories, and more.
  • Data Guardian 3 – A digital vault for storing sensitive data, contact information, passwords and more. With regular automatic backups, you’ll never have to worry about losing a thing.
  • Alarm Clock Pro 10 – An alarm clock for your Mac that lets you wake up to your favorite song. However, you can also use it to automate customized email reminders, perform system tasks and more.

Mac Essentials Bundle

Tired of holes being left behind by traditional backup apps? Immortal Files for Mac is meant to fill in those holes by going above and beyond in performance.

Immortal Files for Mac

Along with backing up sensitive data (even when there are connection losses), it can make an exact clone of your disk in full as well as create a bootable copy of your computer’s OS just in case you need to reinstall.

Immortal Files for Mac

Drive Genius 4 is yet another maintenance utility for your Mac. It works silently in the background to help speed up your Mac, protect it and clean it up. It can even bring your Mac back from the dead if needed.

Drive Genius 4

Drive Genius 4 features a useful BootWell feature that can create a bootable secondary drive to easily repair your main drive. It works hard to alert you before problems escalate into bigger issues and aims to make sure your drive performance is up to par.

Drive Genius 4

NetSpot Pro WiFi Optimizer is an analysis tool that lets you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks. You’ll also be able to easily spot dead zones without coverage so that you can avoid them.

NetSpot Pro Wi-Fi Optimizer

If you’re not reaching the maximum efficiency of your WiFi connection, this utility can help.

WiFi Optimizer

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