MTE Deals: Pay What You Want – Mac Power User Bundle

“Pay What You Want” bundles are always a great deal because you get a generous amount of applications for just a fraction of the regular price. This week we have a Mac Power User Bundle with over $350 worth of apps for (as of right now) just $5.00.

Let’s take a quick look at the apps included.

As always with these types of bundles you have to beat the average price being paid by other users in order to get all of the apps. Paying below the average (or possibly “what you want” if it’s lower than average) will only get you a few of the apps. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this “Pay What You Want” bundle.

Most of these apps require Mac OS X 10.9 or later, but a few are compatible with older versions as well. To make things easier, it’s recommended to have the latest version of OS X.

CrossOver 14 –  Launch Windows apps right from your Mac dock, and seamlessly run them alongside your Mac apps.

Run Windows Apps on Your Mac--It's Digital Harmony at Its Finest

RapidWeaver 6 – All-in-one solution for designing HTML and CSS-based websites on your Mac with absolutely no programming experience required.

BusyCal –  Quickly view and edit events, to-dos, and alarms so you’ll never miss a commitment, big or small.

WinZip 4 Mac – Easily share and store pesky files with its easy-to-learn, industry-leading technology; quickly zip, unzip, and encrypt files.

WALTR – Rather than using a separate app to convert media files and then manually upload to iTunes, simply drag any file into the Waltr app to play instantly on your iPhone or iPad.

Directly Convert Any Media File to Play on iPhone & iPad

RoboForm Everywhere: 1-year Subscription – With this secure password manager you can generate unique passwords, store login data, and get logged into sites with one click.

Scapple – A freeform mind-mapping software that lets you easily record and find connections between your ideas.; put all your ideas in one place.

Stuffit Deluxe 16 For Mac – Shrinks your photos, music, and documents without compromising quality, and expands over 30 formats of files for hassle-free sharing.

Screens – This virtual network client lets you control all of your computers right from your Mac; run apps on any of your computers’ displays and send and receive content.

Remotely Control Your Computer with This User-Friendly VNC for Mac

Find Any File – Searches for file properties such as name, size, and date; broadens searches by scouring disks not indexed by Spotlight.

Mac Power User Bundle

Additionally, if you’re looking for a great, full-featured PDF editor, PDFpen 7 is also on sale for 51% off. You can use it to fill out forms, digitally sign documents, add text and images, and more.

PDFpen 7: All-Purpose PDF Editor for Mac

You can also scan or take photos of text and use PDFpen’s OCR tool to turn those scans into editable text. The Dropbox sync feature is very convenient, allowing you to easily edit documents from your iPad as well as your Mac.

PDFpen 7