Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp [MTE Deals]

Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp

If you have a basic understanding of JavaScript and want to learn more about its frameworks and libraries, the Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp is for you. It includes seven in-depth courses on such topics as EmberJS, UnderscoreJS, BackboneJS, and ReactJS.

During your more than thirty-two hours of training, you’ll learn how to effectively use these frameworks to build single page apps and dynamic UIs. Here are the seven courses included in this bundle.

Build Web Apps Using EmberJS – EmberJS is a powerful JavaScript framework that automates backend development. This course will show you how to set up a NodeJS environment, teach you how to use routes and templates, and more.

Learn to Build Web Apps using D3JS – In this course you’ll learn to create interactive graphics that display your datasets in ways that are easily digestible. You’ll also generate data visualizations and learn to use the Scalar Graphics library.


Learn to Build Web Apps Using UnderscoreJS – UnderscroreJS is a powerful library that provides utility functions for common tasks. By mastering it you’ll be able to spend more time solving complex programming challenges, while automating the easy stuff.

Learn to Program in BackboneJs – BackboneJS is a lightweight JavaScript framework that expedites the creation of powerful single-page web apps. This course will show you how to build these types of apps along with how to integrate RESTful APIs.

Build Apps with ReactJS – ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook. You’ll learn how to use it efficiently and effectively to render data as HTML, allowing you to build dynamic UIs.

Learn Knockout JS Framework from GroundUp – KnockoutJS is an increasingly popular library that allows you to design scalable, data-driven JavaScript UIs. It’s great for creating client-side apps.


Learn Facebook Flux Architecture for Web Applications – Flux is an application architecture also developed by Facebook. In this course you’ll learn about its key principles and gain a new skill set to help you build scalable, single-page apps more effectively.

Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp

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