Be a Master Game Developer with These iOS 9 Game-coding Bundles

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create your own iOS game app, you’re in luck. Making a unique and impressive game app that stands out from the rest and becomes a hit doesn’t come easy. You’ll need to learn quite a few things, especially how to use Sprite Kit (the framework for making games for iOS).

The two bundles in this week’s deals will help you learn that and much more. Here are two great game-coding bundles for learning how to create and code your own iOS game.

Epic iOS 9 Game-coding Bundle

If you’re interested in creating your own game for iOS 9, you’re in luck. This Epic iOS 9 Game Coding Bundle is available for 94% off and features eight cutting-edge programming courses. Here’s what you’ll get if you decide to purchase this bundle,


  • Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2 – This kit includes the complete source code for building a game from start to finish without a line of code. It also comes equipped with tutorials showing you the code behind the kit.
  • Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit Setup Guide – This course covers everything you need to edit code, create your own unique games, and build out playable worlds full of rich detail.
  • iOS Control Systems with Swift and Sprite Kit – This course helps you implement the control system that fits your needs. You’ll also learn to take advantage of key iOS tools to conquer more challenging aspects of game coding.
  • Endless Worlds with Swift and Sprite Kit – This is a video tutorial series that explores the art of building levels that are challenging. You’ll learn to keep your players enthralled and study coding with Swift 2.0.
  • Missile Commando with Swift and Sprite Kit – This course teaches you how to make your games even better by adding modern graphics and advanced features. You’ll even learn to create initial launch screens with both Swift and Sprite Kit.
  • iOS Maze Games with Swift, Sprite Kit and Designed in Tiled – This couse will teach you how to build Pac-Man styled games for iOS; you’ll use tools like Swift, Sprite Kit and Tiled. You’ll also learn how to design and animate different characters.
  • How to Draw All Your Own Game Art – With this course you’ll learn to draw all aspects of your game (buttons to game characters) at various viewing angles and in different action sequences. You’ll also create a striking logo to attract potential buyers.
  • Property List-driven Apps – Now that your game app is complete, you’ll need to allow updates to your app without having to resubmit a new build to Apple. This course will teach you how to do that. You’ll also learn to add a UITableView, UIWebView, and Navigation Bar to the Main.storyboard file.

iOS 9 Game Coding Bundle

Bonus: Addictive iOS Game Developer Bundle

This iOS Game Developer Bundle teaches you the fundamentals of game creation using Sprite Kit and Objective-C. It features over 253 lectures and 22.5 hours of content and will take you from a beginner to a junior-level game developer in just three months.


From learning how to implement obstacles and collectibles to learning how to develop game menus and save/load game progression, you’ll have a hit game app on your hands in no time.

iOS Game Developer Bundle

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