Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

If you’re a hardcore gamer you’ve probably thought to yourself, at one time or another, that you should create your very own game. If so, this bundle is for you. Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, you just may be interested in learning game development.

The Hardcore Game Dev Bundle includes ten courses and will teach you how to build games for what most people can’t be without these days: mobile devices.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle.

Build iPad, iPhone & OS X Games for SpriteKit in Swift – You’ll walk through the process of building five games for various Apple devices, master Swift and SpriteKit, and build real apps that can be published to the App Store.

Game Developer Business & Legal Guide: Run an Indie Studio – If you want to launch your own game development studio, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of legal and business issues. This course will teach you about copyright disputes, disagreements over contract wording, and more.


iOS & OS X Game Development: From Start to Store in Swift – Learn how to use the SpriteKit graphics software, GameplayKit framework, and the Xcode environment to build functional games.

2048: Build Your First Complete Game with C# & Unity – Dive into using the Unity3D game engine and C# programming and learn everything from how to write scripts to enabling functions like tracking and storing scores.

Master Unity by Building Six Fully-Featured Games from Scratch – This course will familiarize you with the C# programming language and teach you to navigate the Unity interface so that you can create menus, enable in-app purchases, and configure leaderboards for your games.

The Complete HTML5 Mobile Game Development Course – Gain an understanding of a hybrid app development process that will turn you into a flexible, versatile game developer, able to craft apps for both iOS and Android alike.

Learn to Code in Game Maker Language – Learn to utilize the Game Maker Program to create a maze game. You’ll also master the use of variables, if-else statements, loops, and more.


The Complete Android Marshmallow Development Course – In this course you’ll master Android Marshmallow game development by creating five real-world apps, diving into material design principles, implementing ListViews, and more.

Game Development Using Corona SDK with ASO & Ads – Learn to utilize Corona’s API library to build your game’s architecture, integrate ads, and much more.

JavaScript Programming: Learn by Making a Mobile Game – In this course you’ll master all things JavaScript like variables, objects, and strings. You’ll also create a multi-level game that you’ll be able to publish to the app store of your choice.

Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

Image Credit: Danny Choo, GBPublic_PR

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