Get the Ultimate Tech Training Bundle at 97% Off

MTE Deals: eduCBA Tech Training Bundle

Whether you find learning fun or just want to keep your tech skills fresh for your job (or even a hobby), today’s deal has you covered. This tech training bundle from eduCBA is a steal at 98% off its price tag of over $2k.

eduCBA Tech Training Bundle

eduCBA offers some of the best training and video courses on the Web. With this deal you can enjoy the eduCBA Tech Training Bundle which offers a lifetime of learning. You’ll get access to hundreds of online courses that are great for coders, designers, IT admins, and many more.

Since you do get lifetime access, you’ll always be able to keep up with the latest topics in your niche; your skills will never get stale.

eduCBA Tech Training Bundle

You can learn 3D animation, CAD, software development, app development, and even master languages like C, C++, Ruby, Python and PERL. eduCBA offers mock tests and online quizzes along with certificates of completion that may even help you to score a higher paying job.

Tech Training Bundle

Bonus: Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp

If you’re up for more learning, why not become a Microsoft Excel master with this Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp? Featuring four courses and sixty-nine hours of content, you’ll learn to create, dissect, and augment data so that you can make better-informed and smarter business decisions.

Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp

The four courses included are:

  • Course 1: Microsoft Excel Course
  • Course 2: Advanced Microsoft Excel Course
  • Course 3: Business Analysis
  • Course 4: Pivot Table Course

Excel Bootcamp

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