MTE Deals: Interactive Coding Bootcamp

Are you looking for a new career, or maybe you want to boost the development (web or mobile) career you already have? If so, this week’s deals are sure to pique your interest. Let’s take a look.

At 92% off, the Interactive Coding Bootcamp from Coder Manual is definitely worth your while. This 12-week training program covers everything you need to know about front-end and back-end web development. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and more.

Interactive Coding Bootcamp

By the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll be a job-ready developer with an online portfolio of real-world apps. Along with 33+ hours of videos from schools like Stanford and Harvard, you’ll also get access to live instruction (via live video/screenshare) and even job-hunting assistance.

The aim of the Interactive Coding Bootcamp is to help you find a good paying job. What are you waiting for?

Interactive Coding Bootcamp

If you are interested in mobile (namely Android) development, check out this Supreme Android Coding and Design Bundle. It’s 89% off and comes with 44+ hours of training. You’ll learn how to use Eclipse and Android Studio, study Material Design and AppCompat, set up your own device for testing, get introduced to Java SE and much more.

Supreme Android Coding & Design Bundle

This bundle actually comes with three different courses:

  • Learn Android Lollipop Development. Create Java Android Apps.
  • Build Android Apps with the Lollipop Studio Course.
  • Java Programming for Beginners.

By the end of this bundle, you’ll have a handful of practice apps under your belt and will be ready to build your own quality Android apps.

Supreme Android Coding & Design Bundle

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