MTE Deals: Apple Watch Developer Course

Are you looking to develop apps for Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch? Today’s deal will teach you how to build 15 Apple Watch apps which include Knight Rider’s KITT voicebox, Finger Tap Count, and Egg Timer.

Apple Watch Developer Course

Apple’s watch hasn’t even hit stores yet (it’s coming April 24, 2015), and there’s already a developer course available. If you want to stay ahead of the game and are interested in developing apps for Apple Watch, this course is for you. It features 13+ hours of content and over 240 video lectures.

You’ll learn how build a variety of apps and games using Apple’s most widely-used programming languages like Objective-C and Swift. You’ll also have access to the source codes for the apps you’ll build for future reference.

Complete Apple Watch Developer Course

You will need Mac OS or Mac in a virtual machine to complete the course. Basic programming knowledge is also recommended.

Complete Apple Watch Developer Course

Bonus: Mobile App Design with Sketch 3

If you’re more interested in mobile app design, check out this Sketch 3 course. You’ll become a master mobile app designer in just 8.5 hours (includes over 80 lectures).

'Mobile App Design with Sketch 3' Course

The course utilizes the Sketch 3 graphic design app for Mac OS. Best of all you don’t need any experience in order to get started. You’ll start by creating an idea and go through the process of research and design and finally end up with a prototype.

Mobile App Design with Sketch 3 Course

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