iPad Case & Keyboard and Quirky Apple Accessory Bundles [MTE Deals]]

If you’re an Apple user, you may be looking for some great accessory deals to help complement your devices. Here are a two accessory bundles specifically for Apple devices to help increase productivity and keep things organized.

iPad Case & Keyboard Accessory Bundle

This iPad Case and Keyboard Accessory Bundle is compatible with the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 (not iPad Air or iPad Mini). The case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard basically turns your iPad into a laptop, making it easier to type on your device. It also comes with a stylus and screen protector.


iPad Case and Keyboard Accessory Bundle

Quirky Apple Accessory Bundle

The Quirky Apple Accessory Bundle features five cool tools to help you organize the cords from your Apple devices in style. Here’s what’s included:

Cordies Pop – With five rubber grips and four slots (for up to four cords), it keeps the cords secure and helps to reduce clutter.

Pivot Power Pop – This flexible power strip features six outlets that can pivot in any direction as needed. You’ll no longer have to wory about blocked or inaccessible plugs.

Powercurl Mini – This convenient little wrap for your charging cable, helps to keep it tangle free and makese it even more portable. You simply wrap your cord around the interior spool, and you can take it with you or store it for later use.

Powercurl 60W – Much like the the Powercurl Mini (above), this does the same thing for your Macbook power cord. The charging block goes inside, and then you can wrap the cord around the spool.

Wrapster – This is a compact organizer for your Apple earbuds, allowing you to keep the two buds tangle-free while in use. When you’re done, you simple wrap the cord around the inner spool.

Quirky Apple Accessory Bundle

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