MTE Deals: Alarm Clocks to Help You Get Up on Time

MTE Deals: Alarm Clocks to Help You Get Up on Time

Do you have a hard time getting up in the mornings? Are you looking for a unique alarm clock that helps you cut down the number of times you press snooze or simply helps to get you up on time? If so, we’ve got three alarm clocks in today’s deals that you won’t be able to pass up. Let’s check them out.

Android Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock

First, we have the Android Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock. It may not be as cool as the other two on this list, but its unique SmartSilence technology makes it worth a look. This alarm clock turns your Android phone into the perfect bedside companion.

The Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock will help you get the most out of your night’s sleep by letting you customize and program who and what warrants being awoken.

So if you don’t want to be disturbed by phone calls from your family and friends, you can have them silenced. However, calls from your job can ring as normal. You can then use the built-in snooze buttons and other alarm features to help you wake up on time.

Dreamer Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock

Next we have the Clocky Alarm Clock which helps you beat snooze addiction by actually running (or should I say rolling) away from you. As it rolls away, it will also beep continuously to annoy you even more!

Clocky is said to work on both carpet and wood (although I’m guessing any hard surface will work just as well). It can even jump up or drop down to three feet, all while projecting a loud R2D2-like robotic sound.

Beat Your Snooze Addiction with the Alarm That Runs Away!

If you don’t want Clocky rolling away, you can turn off the wheels and use it as a regular alarm clock. However, what’s the fun in that?

Clocky Alarm Clock

Tocky Alarm Clock

Much like Clocky, the Tocky Alarm Clock moves around as well. Instead of just running/rolling, it can run/roll and jump and play your favorite audio tune all at the same time. So if the Rocky Balboa theme song will motivate you to get up in the morning, Tocky can play it for you.

You can also record personalized wake-up messages or have your loved ones or even your boss record a message to help you get up earlier or at least on time. You can upload up to two hours of MP3s to the clock and record up to six hours of personal wake up messages.

Wake Up with the Alarm That Runs, Jumps & Plays Your Favorite Tracks!

Also like Clocky, you can turn off the “wheels” (it doesn’t seem to have actual wheels – it rolls on its side) and use it like a regular alarm clock. It also has the option to disable snooze if you want a real challenge.

Tocky Alarm Clock

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