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Membership Sign on Brick Wall

Membership Sign on Brick Wall

Over the years, we have been working hard to provide unique content and useful tutorials for free. However, all these come with a fee adding up to our expenses. As our readership increases, the server cost increases as well; so does the payout we give to our writers so they can work even harder to bring you more useful content. The bad thing is the revenue generated from advertisements does not increase proportionately to the cost.

As you can see, the revenue for Make Tech Easier mainly comes from advertisements which in turn is highly dependent on Google. Our revenue plunged heavily when Google changed their algorithm and halved our traffic. Providing premium membership is something that we came up with to reduce the dependency on advertisement.

The membership fee that we collect will be used exclusively for the benefit of the site, including monthly server costs, site development costs, and to pay the indie writers.

Benefits of Premium Membership

mte-no-adsPremium members can enjoy an ad-free environment in Make Tech Easier. You won’t be shown any advertisements at all.

mte-pdf-downloadPremium members can download all our articles in PDF format.

mte-giveaway-priorityPremium members are automatically enrolled in our giveaway events and have an additional chance of winning the prize.

mte-ebooks-downloadWe will also be creating more cheatsheets, guides and ebooks especially for premium members.

Cost of premium membership

You can become a premium member for a price of $3 per month. That is less than a cup of coffee. Better still, if you sign up for a yearly plan ($30), you get two months for free.

Support us and become a premium member now!

Let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. I have no problem to pay a little for the content I see here, but I’d do this more as a replacement for the ads I don’t see here (I have some text ads, the rest seems to be part of the stuff I block because it may contain blinking images, the Google Ad stuff belongs to this part).

    I don’t care about any of those premium features, but I also wouldn’t pay $3 for a single blog of the many ones I read every day.

    If you care about lower payments, write me an email. I’d be willing to pay $1 per month.

    P.S.: Is it normal to pay more than $3 for a cup of coffee in America / whereever you live? o.O

  2. Hello MTE:

    Is this a recurring yearly subscription or a one-time charge of $30.00.

    Thank You (and by the way with everything going up in price these days . . . $30.00 is quite reasonable for a site that seeks educate/inform about all things relevant to computers and the Internet and at the same time saving us time (via MTE’s Research) and money regarding various products and services available out there)


    1. This is a recurring yearly subscription.

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