Use FaceFilter3 to Re-Touch Your Photos So You Can Always Look Your Best [MTE Deals]

It’s Friday, dear readers, which means it is deal time. So put down your game controllers, your Star Wars box-set or your authentic Doctor Who Tardis model, and get your wallets out for some online buying.

FaceFilter3: Versatile 1-Click Photo Retouching – $19.99 $30.00 (33% off)


Have you ever wondered why the models in magazines are so gorgeous? Well, here’s the awful truth. They’re not. They are the same as us, spots, big nose, wrinkles and all.

But in photos, we don’t want that triple chin showing. And that third eye is rather distracting. So this is where you get FaceFilter3, the photo re-editing software that takes away the extra nostril, the third nipple, and the horns on either side of your head.

Always look eternally beautiful with FaceFilter3 – because going out with that paper bag over your head is no longer an option.

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The Ultimate iOS/Android Smartphone Photography Kit – $29.00 $59.00 (50% saving)


It’s always the same. You look around for someone to use your smartphone to take a photo of you and your love, and you end up asking someone with shaking hands. It always happens. And instead of a couple of perfect snaps of the two of you on a sunset beach with the glow in the background, you end up with thirty different pictures of the sky and the sand instead.

This is where the Ultimate iOS/Android Smartphone Photography Kit comes in to save the day. It’s a flexible tripod, and you can attach it to a stable item (lamppost, chair, table, etc.) and attach the phone. Open the camera app, get the right position, press the provided Bluetooth-powered shutter remote, and SNAP!

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