Make Tech Easier’s Deals – August 26th 2014

As well as the most useful tutorials on the web, we here at Make Tech Easier also want to give you some amazing deals. These twice-weekly deals, courtesy of Stacksocial, could be hardware or software. But whatever it is, it is guaranteed to be cheap and useful.

Below are three deals which have been specially selected by us.

Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack: The Dual USB Portable Charger – $55 $34.99 (36% off)


Have you ever been in the situation where you’re away from home, and your iPad is about to die on you? Or your Android phone is about to go to sleep? We’re sure many of you have experienced this. The Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack is an extremely useful accessory which, when fully charged, will enable you to plug your devices in to charge them and keep them going. After a short while, you’ll wonder how you managed to live without it.

Get Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack »

VPN Unlimited Premium Plan: 3 Years Of Hacker Protection & More – $65 $19.00 (70% off)


The web is becoming much more restricted these days, as media companies provide content based on where you live. So someone watching a music video in New York may not have the same experience as someone in New Zealand. In order to level the playing field, what you need is a VPN, which will change your ISP address to the country you specify. You can then watch that country’s media content online.

There are many VPN companies, of varying reliability and pricing, but one you should take a look at is VPN Unlimited. For $19, you will receive their 3 year premium plan. That’s $6.33 a year. Or 53 cents a day. In other words, a bargain.

Get VPN Unlimited »

Universal Car Mount: Drive Hands Free w/ A 360° Adjustable Fit – $29 $14.00 (51% off)


Many drivers are driving while also talking on their mobile phone, and this is the perfect setup for a very bad traffic accident. The cure? A universal car mount, which sticks to your windscreen with a suction pad. You can then insert your phone and talk away to your family, friends, and colleagues, without having to worry about any possible mishaps. You can even make the most out of Siri if you use an iPhone.

Get Universal car mount »

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