Make Tech Easier Deals: The Full Stack Hacker Bundle 2.0

As well as the most useful tutorials on the web, we here at Make Tech Easier also want to give you some amazing deals. These twice-weekly deals, courtesy of Stacksocial, could be hardware or software. But whatever it is, it is guaranteed to be cheap and useful.

Below are three deals which have been specially selected by us.

1. Learn & Master The Fundamentals Of Android Programming – $19.00 $99.00 (80% off)


A lot of people today have the enormously popular Google Android phone. So if you are a programmer, it makes sense that you get ahead of everyone and start learning the basics of how to make an Android app.

At an impressive 80% off, you can now get this course containing 105 video lectures spanning 9.5 hours in length. Sale ends in 5 days.

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2. Motion Artist: Make Insanely Awesome Digital Comics – $9.00 $60.00 (84% off)

The comic book, which gave birth to iconic figures such as Superman and Spiderman, has gone from paper to digital. But you may have an idea which you are dying to animate and bring to life. That’s where Motion Artist comes in.

Combine audio with animated video and images for powerful storytelling. Create and animate custom comic panels, customized text and word balloons, and add complex effects. Sale ends tomorrow.

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3. The Full Stack Hacker Bundle 2.0: Learn Python, Rails, HTML5, JS & More – $39.00 $500.00 (92% off)

The Full Stack Hacker Bundle 2.0 consists of 8 eCourses + 65 hours of content to turn you into a programming expert. Become a Ruby On Rails expert, building Facebook and Chrome apps (which will give you a good grounding in HTML5), Python, Bootstrap, and more. Sale ends in 8 days.

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