Make Tech Easier Deals: The Award-Winning MacLovin’ Bundle

As well as the most useful tutorials on the web, we here at Make Tech Easier also want to give you some amazing deals. These twice-weekly deals, courtesy of Stacksocial, could be hardware or software. But whatever it is, it is guaranteed to be cheap and useful.

Below are three deals which have been specially selected by us.


What a deal this is! A huge bundle of Mac software worth $861.00 and it is being offered to you at an amazing $39.99!! That’s a huge 95% reduction!

But be quick, as the countdown has begun for the deal to expire. At the time of writing, you only had 15 hours left. So be quick!

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Meet your new toy, the DJI Phantom Drone, with an HD Camera which will enable you to take stunning video footage from as high as 600 feet. Amazon wants them to send you your packages, and now you can have one too.

You can pair it with your smartphone, to have a live video feed from the air. Even better, you can set it to auto-pilot so it goes home via GPS.

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If you are a Windows OS user and you switch to Mac OS X, the transition period can be a bit rough, as you learn all the in’s and out’s. One annoyance will be not being able to run Windows software on OS X. CrossOver 13 will take care of that.

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