MTE Birthday Special Giveaway [Contest Closed]

If you are still not aware, November is our birthday month and we have already launched 5 giveaway events with fabulous software and hardware to be given away. Here is the recap:

If you think that are all we have for you, then you are wrong. We have no intention to end this party yet!

MTE Special Giveaway: Amazon Giftcard

For this week, and until the end of the month, we are going to have a very special giveaway for all of you.

We will be giving out a $55 Amazon Giftcard to 3 lucky winners.


And if we reach 5,555 Facebook followers by the end of the month, we will throw in another two $55 Amazon Giftcards to the pool, making it a total of 5 giftcards to be given away.

The rule is simple:

1. Go to our Facebook page and send us a birthday greeting.

2. Enter your details (name and email so we can contact you if you win).

3. That’s it.

This giveaway event will end at the month of November, or when our Facebook Fans count reaches 5,555, whichever is earlier.

Update: The contest is closed.

The Winners for this special giveaway are:

1. Cristian C
2. Pwince Khan
3. Lee Chiocchi

Congratulations. We will get in touch with you shortly.

Join us at our party over at Facebook now!


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