MTE Birthday Giveaway: 1AVCenter (Update: Contest Ended)

As part of our 5th birthday celebration, we will be running a week long of giveaway event for all of you. Today is the first of our giveaway event.

The powerful 1AVCenter is an audio/video center for Windows that allows you to record, broadcast, and make remote surveillance of any source of video and audio of your PC.

The underlying technology behind 1AVCenter is just simple audio and video recording, but when coupled with a series of hardware devices and functionalities, it has turned itself into an audio/video powerhouse that is capable of doing plenty of things. With 1AVCenter, you can now effortlessly do a screen recording (of the full desktop, or a region of it), screen capture of your desktop, publish the desktop (screenshot) to a website via FTP, remotely monitor your desktop for activities, broadcast PC screen with audio live on the Internet and many more.

Using 1AVCenter

When you first start, it will show you a list of preconfigured profiles that you can choose from.


After you have selected the profile, it will bring you to the main screen where you can start to do the recording. You will notice that the “Actions” option will change according to the profile you have chosen. For example, in the “monitor PC and automatically capture images of desktop activity” profile, the “Action” button will come with “Monitoring” option while the “Screen Recording” profile will have a “Recording” option show up in the “Actions” menu.


If you have selected the “Monitoring” profile, 1AVCenter also comes with a built-in web server that allows you to remotely monitor the activities running on your desktop. You can use it to monitor your Home desktop while you are at work.

From the main screen, you can also switch to different profile easily by clicking the 1, 2, 3… buttons just below the menu bar. Each button represents a different profile.



1AvCenter is a complete suite of audio/video software and costs $99.95 per copy. We are glad to have 10 copies to give away.

Update: The contest has ended. Please check back again for the winner list.

That’s it.

Contest ends November 18, 2012.

Thanks to PCWinSoft for the kind sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, do contact us here


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