How to Easily Move the Cursor While Typing in Android

Especially when you’re in a hurry, the idea of having to go back and fix a typo can be irritating. It’s such a simple task, yet it can be torture for those who just can’t seem to get that little cursor in the right place.

It could be because your fingers aren’t as thin as you would like them to be or that you just have bad aim. Either way, the good news is that there is a solution to that irritating yet simple task. All you have to do is install one single app onto your Android device.

Control Your Android’s Cursor with the Volume Buttons

The app you’re going to need to control your Android device’s cursor from your volume buttons is called Volume Key Cursor Control. It’s free to download over at Google Play. When you first launch the app, you’ll see the app’s main page. At the top right, toggle on the Start service button.


You will need to give the app “Accessibility” permission, and you can do that by tapping on the “Show the Settings” option. Scroll down and turn on the service and finally tap OK. Back up one and you should be back at the app’s main page. Toggle on the Start service button again, and this time it will actually turn on.

Choosing The App’s to Work With

Select the Action button at the bottom right-hand corner and choose the apps you want the app to work with. You will see the third-party app you’ve installed and the system apps as well.

The free version of the app will only let you verify up to a maximum of eight apps. If you need to add more apps to the list, you’ll need to buy the Pro version. Or you can just choose wisely which apps you’re going to add. The price for the Pro version isn’t bad at all since it will only set you back $0.99.


From now on, every time you use an app that you included in the list, you will be able to move the cursor with the volume buttons. This app is a great alternative if you’re having touchscreen problems.

To move the cursor to the left, press the “Volume down” button. The “Volume up” button will move the cursor to the right. If you don’t like how the buttons work, you can always change it in the app’s settings.

Just open the app and tap on the three vertical dots and choose Settings. Towards the bottom you’ll see the option that allows you to change what each volume button does. As long as you’re in Settings, you can also alter the color of the app and make it start automatically on your device.

Gboard Cursor Placement Method

If you’re already using the GBoard keyboard on your device, there’s no need to install an extra app when you already have this feature built in. By simply sliding your finger left and right while pressing the space bar, you can quickly move the cursor. This great feature works on any device, but the downside is that it won’t let you highlight text the way you might expect. The Gboard cursor placement method is available for both Android and iOS devices.


It’s always a good idea to have more than one way to do something. You never know when the original way is going to fail you. The last thing you probably want to do is waste time looking for a fix, and that’s why it’s important to add a second escape route when it comes to your cursor. Do you think you’re going to try this app? Drop a comment and let us know.

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