How to Move Apps to SD Card on Your Android Device

Having less storage space on a smartphone has always been an issue for most of the users, especially the power users. Such users tend to store almost anything they find online to their device, be it an Image or a video, it will directly go to their device’s storage. On Android devices, all the applications that you download are installed on the internal storage resulting in lesser internal memory availability. Well, if you are smart enough, you may have started wondering how to move such apps from the Internal storage over to the external SD card. Fortunately, it is possible. Moving apps to SD card can be done within a few steps. Give it a shot!

Obviously, this tutorial will only work if your Android phone comes with a SD card slot. It won’t be applicable for the Nexus phones and all phones that don’t support external storage.

You should also know that not all the apps can be moved to the external storage. Some apps require to be stored on the internal storage and they can’t be moved from there.

Your external storage should have enough free disk space to be able to move an app.

Before you start the move process, you are going to need an app that will do the job for you. Head over to the Google Play on your device and search for and tap on AppMgr III app.

Hit the “INSTALL” button and the app will be installed on your device. It’s just a 2MB app so won’t take much time to download.


You now have the app ready on your Android device, so you can now move on to the next section to start the actual procedure.

Launch the AppMgr III app. The first screen of the app shows all the apps available on your device that can be moved over to the external storage. Any app that does not exist in the list cannot be moved and must be stored on the internal storage.

As an example, I will be moving the “Root Checker Basic” app. Just tap on the app’s icon.


You should now be able to see all the details of the app you chose for moving. As we are going to move the app, tap on the button that says “Move to SD card”.


As soon as you tap the button, it will start the procedure to move the app. Once the app has been moved, the button you just tapped will turn into “Move to device storage”. It indicates the move was successful.


Excellent! Your app has been successfully moved over to the external storage and you just freed-up some space on your internal memory.

Sometimes you may want to move the app back to the internal storage. Well, the app has got an option for that, too.

In AppMgr III app, swipe-right to go to the “ON SD CARD” tab. Tap on the icon of the app you wish to move back.


Tap on the “Move to device storage” button and the chosen app will be moved back to the internal storage of your device.


Your app has been successfully moved back to the internal storage.

Having the ability to move apps from the internal to the external storage and vice versa is a great thing as if you ever run out of space on your device, you can always free-up some disk space using the above method.


  1. This is a nice app, and I used to use it myself before getting a new phone with much more internal memory. I don’t have problems now, but still keep this app around just in case. You can move apps to the SD card without this though — just use the application manager under settings. But AppMgr III saves you time by conveniently grouping the apps for you so you know which ones can be moved, and giving you a way to quickly get to the settings to move them. Another nice thing about it is that it can notify you when you install an app that can be moved to the SD card, which can be pretty handy, too.

  2. Tried it and it looks good, but I already have all the apps that can be moved on the SD card. I moved them with the build in function.
    I am running Andriod 2.36 on a Samsung GT-S5660

    • Idk I also have that problem and from what I read it may be because of the carrier’s data plan

  3. @thu, some manufacturers disable the Move to SD Card feature. Examples are the Samsung Galaxy S Duos and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

    • @Luis I have a samsung galaxy tap 3 and as u said I can’t do it so there is no hope for me to move any thing to the sd card ? please answer me !

  4. ok so every time i go to use this app i get a message saying my phone doesn’t have an external device… witch it does. and it wont let me move my apps…

  5. It doesnt show the “move to SD card” option on my phone. Im using Sony Xperia M. Need some help please.

  6. My sons phone (lg optimus l3) and tablet (galaxy tab 3) dont have the move to sd card option either :-( xx is there anyway users can enable it please xx

  7. i have the same problem..I have the arnova 101 g4 tablet and i cant tranfer anything to sdcard!It doesn show me the ‘move to SD card’.Please i need help!!!!!!!

    • Hi Anna,

      Have you inserted an SD card to your device? And you will not see the said option for all the apps you have on your device.


  8. My tab has “internal storage”, “internal SD card” and “external SD card”.

    When using the app or doing it manually it only transfers between the two internal storages, both of which are small. My 16GB just lies empty.

    Is it possible for some tabs to not support SD cards even if there’s a slot for it? Also is there a limit eg only 8GB cards are supported.

    Ps it’s an HCL Me U2
    Android 4.0.4

  9. What I want is an apparently that will move apps to the “external” sdcard not the “internal” one. Appmgr3 will NOT do that. It only will move apps to the internal sd storage.

  10. It doesn’t work for samsung galaxy s4. It says the same thing as when you go to settings, selecting the app and clicking the move to sd card option. It still says “unable to move app. Not enough storage space” I have a 64 external storage and it is just useless with because of this kitkat restrictions. grrrrr!

  11. Tried this app on my HP slate 7. It told me that I don’t have any external storage(which I do). is there any other way to send apps to my external storage?

  12. Problem is many apps won’t move to internal storage. Question. Why would a designer make an app that won’t transfer. Is it cheaper or stupid or ……….


  13. Every time time i try moving any app I get the same result. A pop up that reads “unable to move app”
    I have downloaded a couple of apps to help me move them over to the SD card but I get the same message.

    I have a Samsung s5 with a 62gb sdcard

  14. Same issue – search 4.2.2 or 4.4 sd card – the problem is that Google Android updates disabled this ability because of vulnerabilities with apps being able to access other app’s files. Something to do with how external cards are formatted without the same partions as internal systems. (?) I understand the newer OS addresses the issue, but can’t confirm. My understanding is that you can manually copy the app files over to external, but will need to move back to internal before using.

  15. Why is it so difficult to move apps to external
    storage? I have; internal, SD card and external SD, the last
    one is virtually empty and that’s the biggest.

  16. Pleassssssss.i cant make update to eny thing in my fon i cant came in eny program if i aske help in google (this is bag not avalebol tray agin later)i need help later i think i cant coll with my fon even serves is bad help plsssss

  17. Hurghada-gesm hurghada-egypt .we dont have serves team to coll here or eny bady to contact sumsong campany here is shit more dan shit

  18. I installed the app but my Sony Xperia M doesn’t have the move to sd card option Help now what do I do

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