Movavi Suite – All-in-One Video Toolkit for Windows

If you are looking to create fun videos on your desktop, Movavi Video Suite would be a useful option for you. Movavi Video Suite is a comprehensive video making program with everything you need to become your own home movie master. Using Movavi, you can easily record your own computer screen and turn it into a stunning video in no time.


Edit Videos: Movavi comes bundled with all the professional grade filters for you to add all sorts of effects and transitions to your videos. It has support for slideshow as well as 3D video.

Convert Videos: Using Movavi’s SuperSpeed conversion mode, you can quickly convert all your media between 180 different formats. Moreover, with smart presets designed for specific devices, you can quickly convert the video with a single click.

Record Screen: Movavi comes with a built-in screen recording module which can record your screen at 60 frames per second. It can also record from your web-cam and/or external microphone that are attached to your PC.

Integrated Player: Using the integrated player, you can playback all your multimedia content so that you can work on them without installing third party codecs or relying on other media players. Movavi’s media player is also capable of playing 3D videos as well as playing 2D videos in 3D mode.

Installation and Usage

Movavi comes in both free and paid ($59.95) versions. You can download and install it like any other Windows software. Once installed, launch the application.


If you already have the registration key, then click on the “Activate” button. Now enter the key, select the option “Internet activation” and click on the “Next” button to complete the activation process. Once activated, restart the application to reflect the changes.


As you can see, the interface is minimal and colorful and displays all the features organized in different categories like video, audio, photo, data and extras.


To convert a video from one format to other, select the option “Convert Video” under “Video” category.


The above action will open the “video or audio conversion” window. The window is mostly straightforward, displaying all the essential options without messing around with menus. It also has an integrated player for you to preview the media content.


To convert a video, select the video file by clicking on the “Add Video” button or by dragging and dropping the file into the conversion window. Now select the conversion format you want from the “Convert to” field and also select the destination of the converted file. If needed, you can also upload the converted video to other online services by selecting the “Upload to” option at the bottom.


You can change the conversion settings like frame rate, bitrate, codex, frame size, etc., by clicking on the “Settings” button next to the “Convert to” field.


Once you are done with settings, click on the “Convert” button in the main window. This action will start the conversion, and if the conversion method is supported by the SuperSpeed mode, the conversion will be much faster than the regular ones.


Once the conversion is completed, you can access the converted file from the destination drive or folder.


That’s all there is to do, and it is that simple to work with Movavi Video Suite. Even the video editing tool is very beginner friendly with almost all the features you will ever need.


Occasionally, the software displays self-promotional pop-ups, even on the paid version, but those can be easily disabled by selecting the check box “Don’t show this again” on the promotional window. Other than that, Movavi is a good handy tool to quickly edit, convert and manage your multimedia content.

Video footage credits: Beachfront B-Roll

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  1. Thanks to MakeTechEasier and Movavi for this great Giveaway. Been using the SE version 10 for sometime now and i like it a lot, it would be awesome upgrade opportunity.

  2. I am currently in the process of trying out applications that I can use to manipulate my large collection of movie/videos that I have in Archive. This Movavi Suite product appears to be a Must-Try item!

    Thank You,


  3. Would love to check out the full version of MovAvi. I used it in the past on XP (a number of years back), but it wasn’t as good as it seems to be in this review.

  4. This would have been a better article if it explained the limitations of the unpaid version. Can I only convert 5 minutes of video? The whole thing? 5 uses and then you must pay? 30 day trial? Features disabled until bought? Full use on the idea that the user will pay to reduce ad/nag screens or because they will be sufficiently impressed by the free version? All of these questions and more could have been answered with out taking too much space in the article.

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