Mounting Difficulties with iOS 14 Messages Becoming a Problem

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Sometimes voices become so loud that you have to listen to them. This is especially true in the tech world once users become unhappy. iPhone users are reporting issues receiving and sending their messages in iOS 14. So far, Apple hasn’t responded to the matter publicly, which only seems to be making users even more angry.

iOS 14 Messages Glitch

Initially, it was only new iPhone 12 users who were reporting problems receiving or sending messages when using iOS 14. They were having problems receiving and sending their messages and/or receiving notifications when using the Messages app.

However, now the issue has extended to users of other iPhone models. It’s also spread to third-party messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. The only constant is that all are using iOS 14 and having difficulty with a messaging platform. Forbes reported that there are now more than 44 pages of more than 5,000 users reporting an issue.

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The iOS 14 Messages issue has been described as an inability to send or receive messages and missing notifications. Some users report not being able to send or receive any messages.

User Response

Users have reported that the issues have been going on for weeks, explaining that “if anybody replies to a message I send right away, I will almost never see the response.”

Many users are expressing frustration on forums and report they have discussed the issue with Apple Support. One user said the Apple store employee said she hadn’t seen the issue before. Another user said their phone was replaced at the Verizon store. Verizon is blaming Apple, while Apple is blaming Verizon.

One user reported that an Apple senior advisor said the engineering team wants to replicate the issue and then run diagnostics after blaming the SIM card initially. The user also noted that the senior advisor reported the engineering team doesn’t put much stock in community forums and that she couldn’t even verify that they read the reports of issues.

“It’s not a glitch in an accessory function; it’s almost vital,” insisted a frustrated user. “We can sue for this!”

Ios 14 Messages Texting

I can say this. I have an iPhone 12 and have been using iOS 14 from the first public beta, and I have not had any issues sending and receiving messages and notifications. But at this time, reading about all the other issues, I am feeling lucky.

iOS 14.3 is due to be released soon, and some reports have said it will be released Monday. However, some users of the iOS 14.3 public beta have said the issue still hasn’t been fixed. If it becomes too much more of an issue, however, it doesn’t seem likely that Apple will continue to ignore it.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about iOS 14.

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