Ubuntu: How to Mount iso, Bin And Cue Files Directly From Nautilus

We have covered the easy way to mount iso images in Windows. This time round, we are going to cover the easy way to mount an iso, bin or cue file in Ubuntu without having to hit the terminal every time.

With the use of fuesiso and nautilus-actions, we can easily create an option in Nautilus to mount the CD images right from the context menu (mouse right click).

Here it goes:

First, install fuseiso and nautilus actions

Change the username to your login name

Logout and back in.

Download the userisomount.sh script to your home folder.

Copy it to /usr/local/bin/ folder and make it executable.

Download the Nautilus Actions Schemas for MOUNTING and UNMOUNTING disk images.

If you are using Ubuntu Jaunty, do the following:

1. Open the MOUNTING and UNMOUNTING schemas with gedit

2. Locate the line with the code <default>1.1</default>

3. Replace it with <default>2.0</default>

4. Save and close the files.

Open up Nautilus Actions Configuration (System->Preferences->Nautilus Actions Configuration). Import the two files into Nautilus Actions.

Save and close Nautilus Actions.

In your terminal, restart Nautilus

You should be able to find a  Mount Disk Image on the context menu of your Nautilus now.


To mount a iso, bin or cue file, simply right click and choose Mount Disk Image from the menu.

Reference: Ubuntu community documentation