Ubuntu: How to Mount iso, Bin And Cue Files Directly From Nautilus

We have covered the easy way to mount iso images in Windows. This time round, we are going to cover the easy way to mount an iso, bin or cue file in Ubuntu without having to hit the terminal every time.

With the use of fuesiso and nautilus-actions, we can easily create an option in Nautilus to mount the CD images right from the context menu (mouse right click).

Here it goes:

First, install fuseiso and nautilus actions

Change the username to your login name

Logout and back in.

Download the userisomount.sh script to your home folder.

Copy it to /usr/local/bin/ folder and make it executable.

Download the Nautilus Actions Schemas for MOUNTING and UNMOUNTING disk images.

If you are using Ubuntu Jaunty, do the following:

1. Open the MOUNTING and UNMOUNTING schemas with gedit

2. Locate the line with the code <default>1.1</default>

3. Replace it with <default>2.0</default>

4. Save and close the files.

Open up Nautilus Actions Configuration (System->Preferences->Nautilus Actions Configuration). Import the two files into Nautilus Actions.

Save and close Nautilus Actions.

In your terminal, restart Nautilus

You should be able to find a  Mount Disk Image on the context menu of your Nautilus now.


To mount a iso, bin or cue file, simply right click and choose Mount Disk Image from the menu.

Reference: Ubuntu community documentation

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  1. Ubuntu has “Open with Archive mounter” context menu item by default, which mounts .iso files.

    1. Yes, you are right, but the Archive Mounter does not mount bin or cue files. The reason for this tutorial is because I tried to mount the bin file and it fails, so I have to find an alternative

  2. I have done everything as you advised. Mount works but i cant unmount, i dont have option for unmount in the context menu of Nautilus. Both scripts are Imported into Nautilus Actions.

    1. You can’t use the umount function in Nautilus as that is different from the UNMOUNTING schemas that you have imported earlier. You can unmount it by right clicking the disk icon on the desktop and select Unmount. Alternatively, run

      userisomount.sh clean

      in the terminal.

    1. I dont now about you but when i double clik i open the image and every other file on computer. When i tray unmount i get this error


      1. I don’t know, why you get that error in your system.
        But my system with jaunty(http://releases.ubuntu.com/jaunty) in it, works as I said earlier.

        1. I get the very same error and can’t unmount, save resorting to the terminal. And yes, I use Jaunty.

  3. I have done all you said. Everything goes fine except unmounting; there is an icon.iso on my desktop, yet I have only unmount volume option, which is error and saying “Unable to unmount xxxxxx.iso umount: /home/cronny/.mymounts/LDOCE 2005.iso is not in the fstab (and you are not root)”

  4. good idea! I didn’t think that far when I searched for a solution and just used some graphical program. tried two different and this one worked for me: http://www.acetoneteam.org
    As far as I can see it also knows bin-files.
    shows you a list of all mounted images which you can unmount with a click. only when I used it I discovered that there is lots of other useful features

    1. AcetoneISO uses fuseiso as well, so it is essentially the same as this tutorial, except that it comes with a graphical frontend. Nevertheless, it is an useful software.

  5. Hi I am running Ubuntu Hardy and when I go to import the Nautilus Actions Schemas i get this error in a box

    “This XML file is not a valid Nautilus-actions config file (missing key(s) : )”

    Please help

    1. I hope you didn’t edit the schemas after you have downloaded them. The edit (as listed in the tutorial) is only required if you are using Jaunty.

  6. Dunno why it’s happening, since you guys seem to have it fine, but for me when I try to download the unmounting schema it just opens up a blank page and also another for accommodation deals in Western Australia! Here is the proper link for those who encounter the same: http://thefrys.com/umount.schemas. Cheers

  7. I get the same error as Cronny and others, that I can’t unmount using any easy, user-friendly method, right-clicking the desktop icon included. I use Jaunty and have had fuseiso working fine (via AcetoneISO) for a while now. My images mount fine, but can’t be unmounted. I tried to “killall nautilus” (since I didn’t actually need to do that earlier, as the context menu option to mount appeared straight after closing Nautilus Actions) to no avail. And I definitely get no context menu option to unmount no matter where I look.

    1. Are you sure that you downloaded the correct unmounting schemas? The unmounting doesn’t seems to work within Nautilus, but I can get it to unmount via right-clicking the icons on the desktop.

      1. Hi. I downloaded from http://thefrys.com/umount.schemas (the link here for that didn’t work – see my first post). After a reboot, I now get “Unmount Volume” when I right-click the icon on the desktop, but then get this permissions error when I try to do it:

        Unable to unmount Ubuntu Stuff.iso

        umount: /home/ozzman/.mymounts/Ubuntu Stuff.iso is not in the fstab (and you are not root)

        Not sure why it would expect to find the image in fstab, but seems that is only half the problem anyway. Any ideas?

      2. PS: “/usr/local/bin/userisomount.sh clean” works in unmounting the images(s). I got that from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManageDiscImages and even added it to “Startup Applications” (formerly “Sessions”) as suggested, though doesn’t help in unmounting images once you’ve booted (I feel like that is to unmount images at boot, even though they’ve yet to be mounted, hehe).

        It’s easy enough to make a launcher for this, but it doesn’t address what is happening with the Unmount action in Nautilus context menu.

  8. This worked for me.

    Too bad nautalius automatically creates an icon on the desktop. I know that these can be disabled… but then they would be disabled for all devices that are mounted.

  9. Nautilus actions mount and unmount are assigned. Where should the mounted image appear, cause I do not see any image, volume, folder when mount click?

  10. thank u. can u just send me link where i can get these schemas of nautilus actions.

    1. The links are in the article.


      1. I got these schemas already sir. But, I need other schemas such as “open as root”,”enqueue in totem”, “send to disk” etc. Can u help me?

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