How to Mount External Folders as Internal on your Android Device

How many times has it happened with you that when you tried installing a game (probably a large one) on your Android device and it said it did not have enough storage to accommodate it? Many times. Usually the games and apps that you install on your device go directly to your Internal storage and we all know that Android devices have never been luckier with getting huge internal memory. Well, it seems the problem has been heard by the talented developers and they already have a solution for it. Yes, you heard it right. There is now a way to mount external folders (folders that are on your SD card) as internal helping you store more apps and games on your device.

To accomplish the task of mounting folders, we’ll be using an app called FolderMount. It is a free app for Android devices that allows mounting of external folders as internal.

1. Your device needs to be rooted to be able to use the app

2. Your phone need to have a micro SD card slot and a SD card is inserted into it. Obviously, it won’t work with phones that don’t have a micro SD card slot.

Getting Started with Mounting Folders

The folders that you will mount as internal will be treated the same way as actual internal folders, except that they are stored on your external SD card.

1. Install the FolderMount app on your device from the Google Play.


2. If you are launching the app for the first time, it will ask you to grant Superuser permission. This will only appear if your device is rooted. Tap on the “Grant” button and it will let you go ahead.


3. On the first screen of the app, you should see an option saying “List of pairs”. Tap on it. It will take you to the screen where you can choose your folders.


4. By default, the list should be empty. Tap on the “+” sign at the top to add new folders.


5. The screen that follows will ask you to input some details. Those details are:

  • Name – enter any name you would like this folder to be known as
  • Source – choose the internal folder that you want to transfer over to your SD card
  • Destination – choose the location on your SD card where you want to place the internal folder
  • Exclude from media scan – make sure to not checkmark this box

Once you have entered your details, hit the button given in the top-right corner.


6. It should start moving your internal folder over to your external storage. The folder will be treated the same way it did before, only the location of the folder has changed. Once it is done, you will see your folder appearing in the List of pairs section.


7. Now tap on that little icon that appears next to your folder. It will activate the external folder to work as internal one.


You are good to go now. The folder that you had on your internal storage has now been moved over to your external card, but it will make your device to think that it is still on your internal storage.


Who does not suffer from low internal storage on Android smartphones? Everybody does. Apps like FolderMount make it easier to move folders over to external storage and still making sure they appear as internal on your device. Got some relief? huh.


  1. what is the difference with move to sd in android?

  2. Only for rooted devices? :-/

    1. Yes, it only works on the devices having access to root (rooted devices).

      You can know more about Rooting by visiting the following link –


  3. Only Rooted ?????

    1. Yes, only rooted.

  4. you have written that the internal files will move to external but what if i want a file thats already in external sd card

  5. Does foldermount work with emulators ?

  6. cannot move and cannot work

  7. Well I have gta sa.apk but my data in external sd card….how to link?

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