Motorola Will Add Over-the-Air Wireless Technology to Its Devices

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When we talk about wireless charging today, we mostly talk about Qi charging, which still needs to be directly underneath the device. Motorola is moving past that, signing on with GuRu Wireless, agreeing to add its over-the-air wireless technology to its devices.

Motorola – GuRu Wireless Agreement

Motorola and GuRu Wireless announced a joint effort with over-the-air wireless technology. This agreement will make Motorola the first to bring this technology that GuRu is providing to its smartphones and other devices.

“At Motorola, we are constantly working to bring innovations to the market that can improve our consumers’ lives. With this solution, we will provide a glimpse of the freedom and flexibility that users can enjoy with a revolutionary over-the-air, wireless power technology,” said Motorola VP of Product Dan Dery. “With GuRu, we imagine a new generation of wirelessly powered devices.”

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GuRu’s technology brings power to devices at watts- over-devices. Patented mini-modules will allow devices to be powered at a distance by precision power transfer, making them truly wireless.

“Innovation has always been part of Motorola’s DNA. The company has long enriched our lives with its ecosystem of smart devices and solutions,” GuRu CEO and co-founder Florian Bohn.

With this over-the-air wireless technology, 20GHz airwaves are used to power devices. Charging hubs beam that power to the devices and can even put it on pause if it determines an obstruction is in the way. If the device is moved, the hub will relocate the beam.

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The beams send power at a rate of about 5t to 10 watts, which is close to the rate of Qi chargers and some lesser phone chargers. It can be used to power devices that require more power, such as laptops and even drones that need 10 times that amount.

The thought is that hubs could be positioned overhead in a room, such as in an office ceiling fixture. They could also be built into other devices, such as smart speakers.

Will We Reach True Wireless?

No date was provided for Motorola devices with the over-the-air wireless technology to be released. This leads to the assumption that it could be a while.

Another question left unanswered is whether GuRu’s agreement with Motorola is exclusive. If it is, does this mean each smartphone manufacturer will have its own hub? That could make an office very busy. Perhaps this question will be answered in the ensuing months.

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