Make “Most Recent” The Default Setting For Your Facebook News Feed

If you are a regular Facebook user, you will know that Facebook always show “Top Stories” in your news feed. I am not sure how Facebook determine which news is considered “Top stories”, but all I know is that I am missing out all my friends’ update that Facebook don’t deem as “Top stories”.

There is a “sort by” option where you can select “Most Recent” update to appear in your news feed, but it is not fixed and will revert back to “Top Stories” on your next login. Here is an easy way to make “Most Recent” the default option.


Simply open the URL: instead of the default Facebook URL. This will force Facebook to display the “Most Recent” update in your news feed.

Damien Damien

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  1. This only works on the old News Feed. Facebook is changing everyone to the new News Feed, and you cannot change the Feed to stay on Most Recent.

    1. For some reason, mine has stayed on “Most Recent” since the last layout change. Now for my iPhone app…

    1. In the Facebook app (for Android), you can swipe right to open the Settings and click the “cog” icon beside the “News Feed” section. Select “Most Recent”. There is no way to fix this though, so you will have to select it everytime you use the app.

  2. This is such a pain in the rear end, i only use facebook on my phone and each time I have to change the stupid setting, no wonder I only use it once a week. It’s a 3 click process just to look at facebook.

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