What Do You Feel Was the Most Disappointing Tech Product of 2017?


We’ve all been there. We hear about a new device, app, or other technology product being released, and we get immediately excited. This will be a game changer! It’s what you’ve been waiting for! But then it’s released, and you can’t believe you were pulled into the charm of the advertising.

We asked our writers, “What do you feel was the most disappointing tech product of 2017?”

Our Opinion

Alex feels it’s probably the Galaxy Note 7. While he does refer to it as an “amazing device with incredible hardware and a great feature set,” he also thought it would pull him away from his iPhone. “But then they all started exploding.” He’s not sure if the Samsung brand can recover from that.

Fabio agrees with him. He was looking forward to the Note 7, “then it turned into a bomb … literally.”

Ada considered sending her vote the Note 7’s way but then thought of Bitcoin mining radiators, even though those weren’t really last year. What she finds ridiculous about them is “their price and their vast energy consumption, though probably with the current sky-high Bitcoin rate, you can still make a buck with them.”


Miguel feels he has to say everything because cybersecurity isn’t invested in sufficiently. “2017 was a great year for hackers, a horrible year for consumers, at least as far as cybersecurity is concerned.”

Nicholas agrees with that. “This year has been way too lucrative for hackers and privacy breach.” If we’re classifying it as a product, he suggests maybe we consider it to be “security products.”

Simon jumps in to agree with those mentioned above and adds Juicero to the mix. While it was introduced in 2016, it was this April when it was discovered that a $400 juicer wasn’t needed, and that you could achieve the same result by squeezing Juicero-looking juice packs with your bare hands. “Tech companies are pushing the idea of the ‘smart home,’ and if the future is truly peppered with products where you pay hundreds of dollars to achieve something you can normally do with your bare hands, then I can’t say I’m too excited for it.”

I’ll say that I have a rep for being such an Apple fan who just automatically only likes Apple products, but when I got my iPhone 7, I paid a few extra dollars every month for the ability to trade up for an iPhone 8 when it was released a year later for free. But the 8 wasn’t worth my bother. It was so disappointing that I never felt like driving the thirty minutes to make the trade.

Your Opinion

Did you buy into any of these products? Do you have a different product you’d call the worst of 2017? “What do you feel was the most disappointing tech product of 2017?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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