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This is a battle that’s been around since the dawn of smartphones: iOS vs. Android. In terms of number of users, Android has always been on top – if for no other reason, there are simply more phone brands that have the Android OS, while only the iPhone carries iOS. But a new survey shows that when it comes to the brand, more smartphone users are dumping Android for iOS – at a quick pace.

Android vs. iPhone Survey

Reading this now, you probably have an opinion in the debate of Android vs. iPhone. If you’re an iPhone user, you won’t be surprised by these results, but if you’re an Android user, you may be. Fewer are still feeling the love for your brand.

SellCell conducted a survey of 5,000 U.S.-based smartphone users of five smartphone manufacturers. The users were asked their preference of phone brand to switch to and their least and most favorite smartphones.

Dumping Android Iphone Samsung

Apple did well with brand loyalty. The most ever iPhone users want to stick with it: nearly 92 percent. That’s up from 90.5 percent in 2019. Samsung, however, has lost more than 10 percent of its users. Loyalty dropped from 85.7 percent to 74 percent in the past two years.

The survey results showed that iPhone users were nearly 18 percent more loyal to Apple than Samsung users were to Samsung. Up to 26 percent of Samsung users reported they were jumping to another brand when they’re due for an upgrade.

The survey results showed that 31.5 percent of Android users said privacy concerns were the main reason they were considering leaving Android, and a quarter of them said iPhone would be a better value.

Dumping Android Iphone Apple

Dissatisfaction with Android can’t be blamed only on Samsung. The brand loyalty of Google Pixel users dropped from 84 to 65.2 percent in that same time frame. Motorola and LG users are also considering leaving Android.

While this big lot of unhappy smartphone users aren’t necessarily dumping Android for iPhone, only five percent who indicated they were staying with Android are doing so because of cost. Around 18 percent said they would make the switch to iOS if it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Backing Up the Survey Results

Adding to those survey results, in the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple shipped 81.8 million iPhones, making it the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Samsung only shipped 62 million. And remember, those people that didn’t buy Samsung answered a survey saying they were considering dumping Android for iPhone.

Dumping Android Iphone S21

Just over 30 percent of people in the survey thought the Samsung Galaxy 521 line were the best cell phones. But more than 46 percent gave that honor to the iPhone 12 Lineup. That doesn’t leave much room for the other brands.

If you’re one of those people dumping Android for iPhone, read on to learn how to transfer your contacts.

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Laura Tucker

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