Monthly Roundup for May 2010

For those who have missed our posts for the month of May, here is the roundup of the articles written by our diligent team of authors. If you have any story ideas, suggestions or feedback, do not hesitate to feedback to us at the Suggestions column.


How to Easily Customize NotifyOSD in Ubuntu Lucid
6 Easy Ways to Spy on Your Competitor Sites in Google Chrome
Get 5 Of The Best Indie Games At Any Price You Want
Snippet: Adding QQ to Pidgin And Adium
How to Enable Mac’s Hot Corners In Windows
How to Easily Mount NTFS Partition in Mac Snow Leopard
Fancy A New Social Media Browser? Try Fizzik
How to Restore Grub 2 As The Main Bootloader
Lubuntu Review: A Lightweight Ubuntu Variant
How to Create a Share Folder in Dropbox
How to Use Word 2010 As An Offline Blog Editor
Snippet: Remove IE As The Default Web Browser in Windows 7
Ubuntu Unity: New Desktop Environment For Your Ubuntu Netbook
How to Change Your Login And Boot Screen In Ubuntu Lucid
Get Compiz-like 3D Effects In Your Firefox
Snippet: How to Install Fonts In Ubuntu
Eltima: Advanced Flash Player For Mac + Free Giveaway
Receive Facebook Alerts For Unauthorized Access to your Account
How to Run Multiple Dropbox Accounts in Mac and Linux
How to Run Multiple Instances of Dropbox in Windows 7
Snippet: How to Manually Upgrade Your Nexus One to Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Snippet: How to Remove Repositories In Ubuntu
How to Add Image Thumbnails to Related Posts in WordPress


9 Gmail Labs Add-ons That You Should Enable Right Now
How To Disable Facebook’s Open Graph and Get Your Privacy Back
4 Useful Chrome Extensions To Spice Up Your Browsing Experience
How To Create Your Own Tinyurl Style URL Shortener

Joshua Price

Exaile – The First Linux Media Player I Don’t Hate
5 Things You Didn’t Know VLC Could Do
How to Easily Create Abstract Wallpaper In Gimp
Reviews Of The Linux Torrent Clients
GDM2 Setup: Reclaim Control of Your Login In Ubuntu Lucid
How to Manage Your Online Identity with Specto
Launchy vs. GNOME Do vs. Kupfer
6 Ways to Reclaim Your Privacy When Using Google Products

Tavis J. Hampton

Qjoypad: Keyboard to Gamepad Mapping for Linux
6 Useful Widgets For Amarok Music Player
Rekonq: A Quick Glance At Kubuntu Next Default Browser
How to Manage Removable Devices in KDE

Trevor Dobrygoski

10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions to Help You Stay Focus And Be More Efficent
How to Add More Control To Your Gmail Inbox With Syphir
7 Tools To Make Flickr More User Friendly
6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Google Maps
4 Other Online Storage Options That Are NOT Dropbox
myHomepage: An Useful Bookmark And Password Manager
Terminate Stubborn Programs With Process Assassin

Soumen Halder

7 Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media Addicts
Snippet: Remove the Username from Windows XP Start Menu
How to Add Tags in Windows Files For Quick and Easy Searching
8 Sites to Find Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop
7 Ways to Protect Your Gmail Account From Getting Hacked
5 Ways to Protect Your Twitter Account

Abhiroop Basu

4 Tools to Unscramble Your Facebook Privacy settings
How To Make the Most of Dropbox – Part I
Snippet: Quickly Shorten Links from Address Bar
6 Screen Rulers to Make Your Image Fit
How To Make the Most of Dropbox – Part II
Snippet: Keep Your PC Safe from Rogue PDF Files

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