Monthly Roundup For March 2010

For those who have missed our posts for the month of March, here is the roundup of the articles written by our diligent team of authors. If you have any story ideas, suggestions or feedback, do not hesitate to feedback to us at the Suggestions column.


Snippet: Adding Post Thumbnail in WordPress 2.9
SlideScreen: A Beautiful Alternative to Android Home Screen
How to Prevent Windows From Restarting After An Automatic Update
Smooth Gestures Adds Mouse Gestures To Your Google Chrome
What is PubSubHubbub and How to Implement It In WordPress
Get 1-Click File Sharing And Backup Features With Tonido + Free Giveaway
How to Get Chrome’s Smart OmniBar in Firefox
Snippet: Troubleshooting Empathy “Network Error” Issue In Ubuntu
How to Use Dropbox in a Non-Gnome Environment
How To Pin Any Files/Folders To Windows 7 Taskbar
BaseKit: Easily Create a Website From Photoshop
How to Secure Your Internet Connection via SSH


5 Easy Ways to Schedule Your Tweets
[Mac] Resize Images Automatically Using Automator
5 Online Code Editors to Help You Code On The Go

Joshua Price

Smarter P2P with FrostWire
How to Create Your Own Torrent Tracker with RivetTracker
Beginner’s Guide to Git
How to Create Space Scenes Quickly and Easily in Gimp
A Brief History of Brown: Ubuntu Feature Timeline
Google Reader Play – The New Web Discovery Portal
How to Selectively Color Images in 5 Minutes
Quick Review: What You Should Expect For Ubuntu 10.04

Tavis J. Hampton

How to Run Fullscreen Games In Linux With Dual Monitors
XMind: A Cross-platform Mind-mapping Solution
How to Install And Setup Ubuntu One In Kubuntu
How to Install 3.2 in Ubuntu 9.10
How to Install QtCurve in KDE

Trevor Dobrygoski

Paragon Backup: Another Great Backup Software For Windows
Automatically Save Tweeted Links With
YuuGuu – Free and Easy Web Conferencing
Topsy vs Tweetmeme


How to Create a Group Blog In Posterous
How To Integrate Topsy Into Your WordPress Site
How to Migrate From to Self-Hosted WordPress
How to Automate Your Social Media Life

Soumen Halder

How to Connect Two Windows Computers On LAN Using an Ethernet Crossover Cable
How to Configure Gmail And Google Apps For Spicebird
5 Ways To Reduce Comment Spam On WordPress Blogs
Add an Author Information Box to Your WordPress Theme
Yoono: Manage All Your Social Networks at One Place


Restore the Show Desktop Icon In Windows 7


3 Useful Temporary Email Services to Avoid Getting Unwanted Mails

Nathan Eckenrode

GeekTool: Turn Your Mac’s Desktop Into An Information Center
Manage Your RSS Feed In Mac With NetNewsWire

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