Monthly Roundup For February 2010

For those who have missed our posts for the month of February, here is the roundup of the articles written by our diligent team of authors. If you have any story ideas, suggestions or feedback, do not hesitate to feedback to us at the Suggestions column.

Damien –

100 Free Software For Mac OS X
13 Ways To Customize Ubuntu Netbook Remix For Better Usability
Snippet: How to Create a Mac Boot Entry in Grub2
OpenShot – An Easy-to-use Video Editor For the Average Linux User
How to Maximize Your Windows Experience
OfficeMedium – A Social Collaboration Platform For The Small Business + Free Promotions
How to Get Mac’s QuickLook Function In Ubuntu
Friday Mobile Game Review: Tehra Dark Warrior – 3D Hack and Slasher Game
Snippet: Add Facebook Chat to Empathy
Remote Control Your Mac With Your iPhone/iPod Touch
Easily Install Windows Applications In Linux With Wine-doors
Sync your iPhone Music Libary With Rhythmbox in Ubuntu Karmic (No Jailbreaking Required)
18 Essential Apps For Your Android Phone
7 Important Features That Should Be Part Of WordPress Core
How to Open Magnet Link In Browser
How to Add Custom Search Engines to Google Chrome
10 Useful Chrome Extensions For Efficient Tabs Management
Cadmus Organizes Your Twitter Streams, Prevents You From Information Overload

Joshua Price

How to Remove Windows Viruses with Linux
8 Places to Find Free Web Templates
Is Google Buzz a Facebook Killer?
8 Of The Best Linux Dockapps
Linux Gaming With Sabayon Gaming Edition DVD
Better Linux Package Management with Checkinstall
How to Turn Your Linux Box into a Home Theater with Boxee

Tavis J. Hampton –

Remote Desktop Sharing with KRDC
Blogilo: KDE’s blogging client
How to Combine Multiple PDF Files With pdftk
KTorrent: KDE’s BitTorrent client
How to Configure Kopete to Use Facebook’s New XMPP Chat

Trevor Dobrygoski

12 Google Chrome Extensions For The RSS Addicted
5 Useful and Fun GIMP Plug-ins
Backup and Sync your Google Docs with Gladinet
5 Great Firefox Addons For Power Video Surfing

Shevonne –

10 Best Free Adobe Air Apps to Have on Your System
How to Gain Access to Your Hacked Email Account
How to Access Your iTunes Music From Anywhere

Soumen Halder –

Find Product keys Of Microsoft Softwares and Serial Keys of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Codysafe – Carry Your PC Wherever You Go
3 Useful Tools To Optimize your Blog’s CSS
How to Create a Customized Toolbar for Your Browser
Get Mac OS X Features On Windows With Macomfort
How to Read Your Google Reader Feeds In Microsoft Outlook
5 Free Tools To Create Collages From Your Pictures

Abhishek Palit –

How to Create a High-Definition, Abstract Wallpaper In Photoshop
5 Useful Online Photo Editing Tools

Tanmay –

How to Create a Backup System Image in Windows 7
Defragment Your Disk With Auslogics Disk Defrag
How to Open .docx File Without Microsoft Office

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